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Here is a sample island floating through Spillworld:


by John Calvin

Unlike most of the planetoids around it, Tropos has an already thriving biosphere. The thriving population of ironwood trees has choked out most of the landmass and is beginning to overgrow the lone structure on this island in space. As one makes their way inward from the boundaries of this floating island the vegetation becomes thicker and thicker until it is all but impassable.

Created from the surrounding ironwood trees stands a small wooden fort, the lone testament to an unknown civilisation that must have once made this place an outpost. Although the fort itself is still in good condition, if a bit overrun by vegetation, it's inhabitants have long since left. Signs of struggle are evident, with the gates of the fort being smashed and humanoid bones scattered throughout its confines.

DM Notes: Upon closer inspection the bones are human, and it is apparent that they have been here decaying for decades, possibly even longer than Spillworld has been in existence. Other artifacts in the area indicate that these people shared many customs with Flaems, although Glantri has no record of a colonisation attempt here.

In actuality this small group of Flaems discovered Spillworld shortly after its creation and decided to settle this island. They brought with them samples of flora and fauna from their home world and attempted to transplant them here. They found that both plant and animal life was accelerated here and soon a thriving jungle covered the entire island. Unfortunately the animal life also developed quickly, and into something that eventually destroyed them.

Time flows differently on this island than in the rest of Spillworld. The closer one gets to the centre of the island, the faster time flows. Although the Flaems had initially intended to harvest the ironwood that they originally planted here, they eventually abandoned that idea with along with their failed colony.