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Ideas for Tortle Bloodlines

by The Dark

Out of the possibilities, I like the kappa, bulette, kla'a-tah/cluu-rin, and dragon turtle the most.

Ideas for bloodline powers:
Kappa: minor: access to a martial art style per OA. major: regenerate 1 hp/turn, cannot be good (AD&D) or lawful (D&D).
Bulette: minor: burrow speed equal to ground speed. major: increase bite damage by a die size.
Kla'a-tah/Cluu-rin: minor: 60' infravision. major: +1 to all saving throws, cannot be good/lawful (cluu-rin, AD&D/D&D) or evil/chaotic (kla'a-tah, AD&D/D&D).
Dragon Turtle: minor: +1 AC. major: breath weapon (steam), 1d4 per 2 levels, 10' cone + 5' per 2 levels, 3/day, save vs. breath for half.

The kappa minor power is because the write-up says each family of kappa has their own martial art style. The major power is a reduced version of the kappa's 1 hp/rd regeneration. The major power for the kla'-tah/cluu-rin might be a bit weak. Maybe +1 per 4 or 5 levels? I'm also not sure the breath weapon for major dragon turtle is balanced.