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Trydion Datrios

by Mischa E Gelman

History: Trydion was born in a small town in Kerendas 37 years ago. From his youngest days, he was a devoted follower of Halav, eagerly assisting the clerics with menial tasks at the local temple. This devotion impressed the priests, who trained Trydion to become one of their own, resulting in his becoming an ordained cleric by age 15. He married his childhood sweetheart at age 19, and they went out to explore the world and live a life of adventure. They joined numerous parties and righted wrongs along the eastern coast of Brun. All seemed to be well with his life until a traumatic experience 6 years ago. At that time, Trydion's current party happened upon a hivebrood lair and a number of them were captured. The cleric was rescued by one of his companions and healed, but it was too late for his wife, who had already metamorphosised. While he escaped alive, his life was irrevocably changed. Since that experience, he has renounced his faith and has lived a life of mourning.

Personality: Trydion is in a state of seeming eternal desperation. No sign of humour or camaraderie is evident in his dealings with others, and his sole aim is to sustain himself. Once a devoted crusader for Halav and a fairly cheerful soul, his personality has undergone a dramatic transformation. He will rant and rave against Halav, and about the deity abandons those who put their faith in him. Such speech, accompanied by his antisocial outlook, wins him few friends in Thyatis, and as a result, he wanders about the countryside a good deal.

Appearance: A 6'2", 180# man, Trydion is still a very imposing figure. Once possessing average looks, he now looks quite frightening, due to the somewhat insect-like appearance that ensures physical scars to add to his emotional and psychological ones. Trydion still carries his old mace, but has no other possessions of note.

Combat Notes: He is a 7th-level cleric of Halav (defrocked). AC 8 (chitinous skin); hp 40; at 1; D 2d4+2 (mace+1, skilled, strength bonus); save C7; ML 8; Al N (formerly L); S 13, I 8, W 12, D 9, Co 15, Ch 5.

Languages: Thyatian, Common, Neutral. General Skills: Honor Halav (W+1), Singing (Ch), Fire-Building (I), Muscle (S) (the former two are no longer practiced)

DM Notes: The priesthood of Halav is not sinister enough to hire assassins to permanently quiet Trydion, but they are distressed at his current state and at his criticism of their order. Some of his former associates seek a cure, as it would resolve both problems in one fell swoop. PC clerics of Halav would especially be called upon to help with this cause. They also would be likely targets of one of Trydion's speeches. His stories can also help lead the PCs to the hivebrood lands, a possible source of adventure or magical research. Or Trydion could merely serve a nuisance for travellers in Thyatian lands...of course, the more sympathetic of those travellers may try to help out the unfortunate soul.