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by Geoff Gander

Just thought I'd share an NPC that I use IMC - a shadowelf warrior who lives on the surface and secretly guards a village in Darokin:

Tryllithyl (Level 7 male shadow elf warrior)

STR 15
INT 14
WIS 10
DEX 16
CON 13
CHA 14

Armour Class: 0
Hit Points: 40
Alignment: Neutral
MV: 90' (30')
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Pink
Hair: White
Skills: Cooking (WIS), Mapping (INT), Orientation in Caves (INT), Silversmithing (INT), Skinwing Flying (DEX), Storyteller (CHA), Survival - Forest (INT)

History: Born in AC 893 in New Grunland, Tryllithyl was the youngest in the family of miners and silversmiths of the Porador clan. Not interested in the crafts practiced by his family, he yearned for the excitement that could be had as a brave warrior in the Shadow Elf army. As soon as he was old enough, he enlisted for a 10-year tour of duty that took him to such places as the Desert of Lost Souls, the Cearilian Wastes, and the Forest of Spiders.

It was around this time that Tryllithyl found that, unlike most of his fellow elves, he had absolutely no talent for magic. The army had tried to train him, but to no avail; he could not learn. Disheartened, Tryllithyl threw himself into his work, aggressively seeking out the enemies of the Shadow Elves wherever they might be. One day, while leading a small detachment in pursuit of a band of orcs, he and his group found themselves lost in tunnels they had never seen before.

They soon lost sight of their quarry, and they could not return home, so Tryllithyl led his group toward what he hoped would be a safe place to rest. After hours of marching, they found themselves on the surface, and in an ambush!

The orcs that they were chasing knew the area, and wounded many of them severely before running away. There they would have died if it were not for the nearby village of Armstead, north of the Cruth Mountains in Darokin. The villagers had never seen an elf before, though they knew vaguely what they should look like. Some villagers heard the noises in the night and came to investigate, and found 14 wounded elves lying in the foothills. Calling upon their neighbours, including the mayor, they brought the elves into the village and took care of them.

When he came to in the mayor's house, Tryllithyl realised that these people, although humans who supposedly shared guilt for the Great Rain of Fire and the subsequent exile of the Shadow Elves underground, had been extremely kind to both him and his companions, and had saved their lives. He also soon realised how precarious an existence these people had, isolated as they were, and subject to humanoid raids. When they recovered, Tryllithyl led his group out of the village, thanking the people. Neither he nor his companions walked away unchanged; for them, these strangers had shown them kindness where none was expected, and as a result they felt honour-bound to protect them as repayment.

Since then, Tryllithyl, and his fellow elves, have secretly defended the village of Armstead - calling themselves the Armstead Defenders. They shelter in caves located in the Cruth foothills by day, and at night they secretly patrol around the town, dispatching any who would harm the inhabitants. The villagers leave food on their doorsteps at night, knowing that, since the elves left, none have bothered the town, and they suspect who is protecting them.

Personality: Tryllithyl is a complex individual. He has a hard exterior, shaped by years of combat, as well as a strong devotion to the villagers of Armstead. Underneath, he has great affection for the people who showed him kindness when none was warranted, as well as any others whom he comes to trust. He cares little for the surface elves, but neither does he hate them as some other Shadow Elves do; they simply are not an important part of his day-to-day life. Generally speaking, he treats every person he meets on an individual basis, willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, unless they prove unworthy of his trust or his respect.

If there is anything Tryllithyl despises, it is wanton cruelty, such as that displayed by humanoids. Violence in war is understandable, even necessary, in his mind; mindless violence, or cruelty for its own sake, is an abomination to him. Those who behave in such a manner are worse than monsters in his mind, and deserve nothing but death.

Equipment Carried: Tryllithyl carries a normal sword +2 whenever he is in battle, and he wears a ring of protection +2 at all times. For armour he wears a suit of chain mail, and often carries a shield, upon which he has inscribed a stylised tower - a symbol of the watchfulness of his group. Generally speaking, all of his equipment and clothing is dark in colour - his cloak, pants and boots are black, while his armour is painted a very dark grey. Most of his companions wear similar colours.

Distinguishing Features: Tryllithyl has a thin scar running down the left side of his face, from his forehead to his jaw line. He received this scar during his first fight on the surface from the band of orcs he and his fellows were chasing.