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by Andrés Piquer Otero

I invented a TUMBLE spell for Alphatian Stage Mages (a kit idea for OD&D I previously posted to the list). It has some points in common:

1st Lvl
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round /special
Area of Effect: 1 individual

This spell was devised by Alphatian actors interested in performing spectacular and dramatic "falling scenes" in theatre performances. The spell lets the individual tumble or fall along a wall, slope or similar surface without fearing any serious damage (ie. the maximum damage sustained will be 1d6 damage, if the parameters below are met). The caster may fall 10' plus 10' for every level of experience he has attained. Nevertheless, he must be tumbling (over a slope or similar) or quite near to a solid surface (like a wall or tower). The distance to the surface begins at level 1 with 0' (ie. the caster must be touching the wall or sliding along the slope) and it increases by 5' each time the caster attains a level which can be divided by 6. Saving this, there is no limit to the inclination of the surface or to its characteristics (the spell protects against both abrasion and impact). So, the spell is quite weaker than AD&D Feather Fall: it cannot be used in the middle of nothing, as per falling from your mount in an aerial battle.