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by Marco Dalmonte

Patron of Defiance and Boldness, Protector of Thieves and Adventurers, Master of Guile and Bravery

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 1st (Initiate), CG, Thought
Symbol: a pair of winged sandals
Portfolio: bravery, boldness, guile, epic deeds, intrepid adventurers and swaggering thieves
Worshipped in: Known World (Thyatis, Darokin, Ierendi), Pearl Islands
Appearance: a young olive skinned lithe man with black eyes and short brown hair, a common face with a cunning and self-confident look, clad in a comfortable brown leather cuirass and white robe, with a pair of winged sandals at his feet. A rapier hangs from his belt on one side and on the other one he carries a small purse filled with thieves' gear and dozens of other trinkets.
History: LIKELY THEORY: Turmis lived between the VIII and IX century AC, an orphan who grew on the streets of Thyatis City surviving thanks to his cunning and the teachings of a shrewd con man that took him under his wing after his best friend's (Turmis's father) death. Once in his twenties, Turmis had already an enviable reputation as master thief in the slums of Thyatis. However, he was not interested in the gains but in glory, since he wanted popularity and to be renown for his cleverness and his boldness. For this reason he left the city and became member of an adventuring party, and in the years that followed he visited all the countries of the Known World, undertaking a series of incredibly bold and picaresque adventures against corrupt nobles, powerful monsters and merciless sorcerers. His reputation grew in time, and quickly Turmis found himself more often embroidered in situations where somebody wanted to kill him in order to obtain popularity. He was thus forced to seek a haven where he could rest and enjoy a brief holiday for some time and he sailed for the Pearl Islands. However, there he got some rumours about the fabled Winged Sandals, a legendary Nuari artifact hidden in a volcano that nobody had yet managed to recover. Loving this kind of challenges, he immediately forgot his holiday and began to quest for the sandals, and eventually was able to recover them. This was just the first step on the long path of the Epic Hero that Korotiku had set him onto. Turmis became immortal in AC 880, and from that moment he started to prowl the Multiverse looking for new challenging adventures.
Personality: As patron of cunning and boldness, Turmis sees with favour all the bold thieves and reckless adventurers, who love to be admired for their epic deeds and seek glory rather than wealth. Turmis is a loquacious, swaggering type, the typical "irresistible scoundrel", and acts as patron of all those who loves to risk and to test their wits and skills. Because of his interest in thieves he has a rivalry with Asterius and he constantly tries to win Asterius's faithfuls over his cause. Turmis is a fierce enemy of Talitha, having faced many of her followers during his path towards immortality. He truly worships Korotiku, he admires Sinbad's bravery and style (and the two often band together to explore the Multiverse), and is constantly trying to attract Kythria's attention, since he fell for her after meeting when they both were still mortals.
Patron: Korotiku
Allies: Korotiku, Kythria, Sinbad
Enemies: Talitha, rivalry with Asterius
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: Neutral or Chaotic
Favoured weapon: rapier (allowed all one-handed bludgeoning weapons and any type of dagger)
Clerics' skills and powers: bonus botta to one hand and whichever type of dagger
D&D 3E Stats:
: Thought, Chaos, Good, Stealth
Preferred weapon: Rapier
Sources: IM2, WotI