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Twaelar (Merrow Empire)

Location: Seabed around the Thanegioth Archipelago. OW

Area: Approx. 250,000 sq. mi. (647,500 sq. km.).

Population: 1,030,000 (including 206,000 in the capital of Twaeloporis). Roughly 50% merrow, 15% aquatic ogre, 10% triton, 10% locathah, 10% sahuagin, 5% aquatic elves.

Language: Merrow (Twaelar dialect).

Coinage: Black pearl (5 gp), pearl (gp), seed pearl (sp), coral (cp). Merrow coins consist of mother-of-pearl into which seed pearls are embedded; none for the coral, one for the seed pearl, five for a pearl coin, and five black seed pearls for the black pearl.

Taxes: 20% income tax collected biannually, 5% sales tax on all goods except food, plus in-kind exactions and corvée labour on behalf of the empire.

Government Type: Monarchy advised by a council of priests.

Industries: Fishing, kelp-raising, pearl-harvesting.

Important Figures: Diviloplop (Emperor), Igilbolb (Empress), Goblopob (High Priest of Protius).

Flora and Fauna: Kelp forests, coral, whales, dolphins, seahorses, hippocampi, narwhals, giant leeches, electric eels, lacedons, dragonfish, dragon turtles, giant lampreys, jellyfish (man o' war), water naga, piranhas, giant squid, ixitxachitl, giant sharks, marids, urchins, school fish, giant clams, nereids, eyes of the deep, krakens, giant octopi, aquatic jellies, giant sea snakes, giant lobsters, scrags, sirines, giant sea spiders, kelpies, aquatic dinosaurs, and in hidden areas, kopru.

Last Year's Events: None to report.