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Equipment of the Twaelar War

by James Ruhland

Frogsuit: Thyatian Frogmen, amphibious marines employed by the Empire in the war against the Twaelar, wear this item. The Frogsuit was developed from the Breathing Gear long used by the Retebius Air Fleet (see DotE, Player's Guide to Thyatis, p.28). A Frogsuit consists of special, articulated armour, formed out of materials that are impervious to corrosion (by, for example, sea water), which encases the Frogman completely and allows for quick movement under water (fast swimming, and walking as if on land, move 12"). The helmet has a faceplate with two bulging eyelets, permitting normal vision under water. It is the eyelets, and the generally green coloration of the Frogsuit, that gives it its name. Two large tubes extend from the mouth area, wrapping around the neck to the back; these have been enchanted with Create Air, allowing the wearer to breathe under water normally (note that because of this the suit also protects wearers against harmful gasses). The suit's insulation protects the Frogman against extreme temperatures as well, and provides protection as Full Plate Armour (AC1). A Float in Air enchantment offsets the weight of the Frogsuit, so the wearer doesn't sink like a stone; this also aids in manoeuvrability and speed. It counts as Excellent equipment.
Cost: 5,000 gp.

Harpoon Gun: This weapon, also used by Thyatian Frogmen, functions somewhat like a Crossbow, with a cocking mechanism that fires a javelin-like bolt. It has a rate of fire of 1/round, like a Light Crossbow. On land it has the same range as a Light Crossbow, underwater ranges are 6/9/12, a significant improvement over a simple Harpoon. Damage is somewhat less than for a normal Harpoon, however (1d6+1 vs. S&M, 2d4 vs. L). The Harpoon Gun has a speed factor of 7 and a weight of 7. It costs 150 gp and counts as Excellent equipment.