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Traladaran Wizard Spells

by Jennifer Guerra

Torosk's Torment

Level: 6
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 3 days per level of the caster
Area of Effect: Creature touched
Saving Throw: Negates

This nasty spell was developed by the Traladaran wizard Torosk, to wreak a devious vengeance upon rivals. Torosk was a small man, considered a weakling by many "superior" academy-trained mages of the Guild in the capital. But this virtually non-detectable spell helped Torosk to level the playing field.

The spell requires that the intended victim be touched while the caster is holding the spell's single material component: a lit candle. (Torosk did not find this difficult, as he invited his rivals to his tower, and held the candle as he led the victim to their chambers after dinner.) The spell must be cast within one hour of the touch, or it will have no effect. Once the spell is cast, and the victim (should he fails a save vs. spells) falls asleep, the torment begins: every time he settles into restful sleep, he sees a bright flash of flickering light (candlelight, in fact, much magnified) through his closed eyelids and is jerked awake. Covering the eyes with a mask, pillow, etc., does not help. The victim gets little restful sleep; if he is a mage, he is not sufficiently rested to cast his spells.

The cause of this phenomenon is difficult to trace, as it leaves no magical residue, continues after the victim departs Torosk's tower, and is not able to be dispelled unless the component candle is smashed (or a Wish is used).

River of Blood

(Evocation, Necromancy)
Level: 8
Components: V, S, M
Range: Special
Casting Time: 1 turn
Duration: 1 round per 2 levels of the caster
Area of Effect: Cylindrical path, 20-ft. diameter, 80 feet long
Saving Throw: Special

This powerful spell was developed by mages working in concert with the knights of the Order of the Golden Sword during the Thyatian invasion of the tenth century. Knowing that armies on the move in summer tend to use dry creek beds as ready campsites, the mage Korosh Zargev created River of Blood.

This spell creates a flash flood of blood, 80 feet long, which barrels down the path of the creek or river bed, upon the enemy encampment. To cast it, the mage chants the incantation. He then drinks from a vial full of the blood of compatriots slain on the battlefield (the mage cannot slay these warriors himself - they must have been killed by the enemy), and holds the blood in his mouth. Whispering (or rather, gargling) one final word, he spits the blood in the desired direction. The blood expands magically, travelling along the dry bed, growing in size and strength until - within one round - it becomes a raging flash flood.

The river travels 40 yards per round; after the first round of travel, it hits with the power of a massive ram: all items in the river's path must make a save vs. crushing blow or be destroyed. People (and animals, if applicable) must make a Dexterity check at -3 to get out of the river's way; success indicates that he is flung 1d12 feet aside, taking 1d4+1 points of damage. He must make a successful Strength check to hold onto carried or worn items. Failure of the Dexterity check means that he takes the full brunt of the crushing wave of blood: 6d8 points of damage from the force, plus 1d4 points of suffocation damage while in the wave. Plus, creatures struck so must make a successful system shock roll, or be instantly killed.

The caster has no control over the size or strength of the river, nor can he control it once he has created and directed it. Friends, allies, even the caster himself are prey to the river's power, should they step into its path. This spell, while powerful against one's enemies at war, is a highly guarded secret of only the most powerful of Traladaran mages, since they fear it falling into the wrong hands (particularly, those of King Stefan's loyal academy-mages).