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Common cultural traits of all Taymora

by Francesco Defferrari

Common cultural traits of all Taymora (thonian-maharian mostly):
- Use of spirals as decorating elements
- Taurans and bulls should be an important element too, but if they are linked to the sun cult how they are treated? I think the sun cult could be permitted in Taymora, just subjugated to Nyx. Ixion himself could have accepted this to at least have his cult survive.. as you supposed he could even have developed an attraction for the goddess of the night that will end badly Yet there will be in the empire a sect of sun extremist that wants to fight Nyx.. and Ixion isn't disavowing them...
- What about the bull-leaping dance?. It could exist as a symbol of the goddess of the night dominating the bull god..
- The legend of the minotaur: I think each Queen of the Night should have her pet taurans guarding her labyrinth, i.e. her inner sanctum containing her magic, treasures and most prized slaves... and here you could have an adventure with an inti or proto-nithian Sueseht sent to freed prisoners or maybe, with a different twist, sent to freed a tauran priest of Ixion
- Double Axes were prominent in cretan decorations, probably associated to bulls but also to the worship of a goddess.. here returns the link between Ixion and Nyx...

elements from the above mentioned cultures that are spreading to the whole Taymora:
- Matriarchy, or at the very least equality, in particular matrilineality (descent through the mother) and property inherited from the mother.
- Bovines as sacred animals, so never hunted.
- Vegetarianism, or at least hunting and fishing permitted only in certain "sacred" times
- Construction of elaborated megalithic tombs (that always comes in handy as dungeons
- Female clerics uphold the unwritten laws, that could be based on retribution or compensation, or both, according to regional differences
- Absence of strict sexual morality, marriage do exist but divorce is easy to obtain from either party.
- Developing several beautiful craftsmanship with stone, ivory, bronze, amber, silver and gold
- Developing sailing skills on the coast and exploration of foreign lands