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Immortals of Taymora

by John Calvin

I wanted to try and get some discussions going about Taymora again, so I thought I'd start with a list of active immortals.

Idu (Ixion)
Worship of The Great Bull, was brought into Taymora mostly by tauran refugees from the Realm of Gildesh in Davania. Idu has since become an opponent of Tanit and her vampire followers, as well as a symbol against oppression in Taymora in general. His worshipers are more prevalent in the west, especially among the free states (those that have thrown off their vampiric rulers). The city state of Taymoraz has made him their primary patron.

In most other states - north, south, and east - the worship of Idu is forbidden, and his followers are actively persecuted. Prophecy warns that unless Idu can defeat Tanit and all of her spawn, Taymora will be destroyed in a cataclysm of earth and fire.

Tanit (Nyx)
Tanit is the Mother of Night, and the patroness of the vampire queens of Taymora. It was their faith in Tanit that saved the Taymorans from the Wasting after the Great Rain of Fire. Tanit is also credited with leading the Taymorans out of the west to find their new home along the southeastern coast of Brun.

Tanit's chief rivals are Idu (who seeks to overthrow the rule of the undead) and Thanatos (who seeks to wrest control of Taymora from her followers - creating an even darker and more foreboding land of undeath in the process). Her religion is matriarchal (in opposition to both Idu and Thanatos), and most vampiric queens (in the western, northern, and southern city states) are high priestesses of her religion.

Also an immortal of undeath, Thanatos is more concerned with destruction rather than with building a lasting civilization of undeath. As such his followers (mostly confined to the eastern states) are constantly attacking their neighbors (both within and outside of Taymora).

Another religion that originated in Davania, the worship of Mahes has since grown in the realms of Intua, Taymora, and the Frontierlands. Mahes the Hunter is worshiped mostly by those living on the fringe of society in Taymora - folk who prefer the challenges of the wilderness to living in one of the city states.

Though Mahes does not oppose Tanit directly, the tenets of his religion espouse self reliance and independence, both of which frustrate the vampire queens to no ends.

The worship of Protius ultimately derives from Evergrun and Vulcania, where sea going elves sought his protection during their travels. The elves brought worship of Protius with them as they sailed the seas to new lands. Although many elves are itinerant wanderers (the forefront of Ilsundal's migration), some have settled in southern Taymora and begun integrating into Taymoran society.

What other immortals (major or minor) do you think could be operating within the borders of Taymora?