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Races of Taymora

by John Calvin

A few thoughts on the races that comprise Taymora:

Elves may also be seen in many of the coastal cities. These traders from across the Sea of Dread are some of the forerunners of Ilsundalís migration, however many have already integrated into Taymoran society.
[Which clans? Verdier, Meditor, Sheyallian]

Human (Taymoran)
The Taymorans are humans with light skin and dark, curly hair. They are a mostly agrarian people, although several cities along the coast make a living from foreign trade. Vampires form the noble caste and walk openly among the people, although other forms of intelligent undead are less common. Taymorans are descended from Thonian colonists on Brun.

Human (Maharian)
Human tribes living in the area before Taymorans arrive. They are subjugated by the Taymorans and will eventually become the Makai. Others that fled (to Davania) will eventually become the Varellyans. Perhaps a large block of these people become the Dawn Corsairs before moving on to Davania?

Lupins are also fairly common, even in the eastern territories, having migrated into the area from the west before the Taymorans themselves arrived. Several western towns and villages are primarily lupin, although most of those have adopted much from Taymoran culture. This would be an ancient breed of lupin - very wolf-like in appearance.

Likewise taurans fleeing the Golden Realm of Gildesh from across the Sea of Dread have made their way into Taymoran lands and integrated with their society fairly well. These folk are the forerunners of the enduk and minotaurs that will born centuries later on the Savage Coast.