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Some more quick - not quite fully fleshed out - thoughts:

Taymoran Society

by John Calvin

Taymoran society is very family oriented - with extended families often living together under the same roof and all working in the "family business". In turn these families may be part of a clan or guild, whose members all practice the same craft. Each family pays their dues to the guild (in both gold and blood), and the guilds pay their dues to the nobility (and eventually the queen in control of their city state).

What might some of the major guilds be? Here are the ones I can think of:
Religious - The city's queen herself would most likely be in charge of this guild

Can anyone think of others? What should we call these?

Each guild would be run by one of the queen's "daughters" who in turn would have their own vampiric servants in places of power. These vampires form the nobility of Taymora.

In the past, anyone who didn't pay their blood tax would not be protected from the Wasting, but now that is less of an issue (since the Wasting rarely effects the Taymorans in this age). The vampires however want to perpetuate the practice in order to feed their own needs and desires.

Sometimes a family will choose one of their own to send to the nobility as part of their blood tax (so not just collected blood, but also sometimes a grown adult member of the family). This often happens when a child comes of adult age. The fate of these people is varied. Sometimes they serve the vampire lords as servants. Sometimes they may be sacrificed (if the vampires feed on them too greedily). A rare few are "lucky" - being chosen to become low ranking nobility in the service of the queen. This may be done when the city state wishes to expand its influence, or when it needs to replenish any nobility that might have met an untimely fate. Since the vampiric nobility can not procreate this is the only way they can replenish their numbers.