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Here are some (very rough) ideas about Taymoran history. This is a first pass - I just want to lay down some ideas before we start fleshing things out a bit more.

Taymora Timeline

by John Calvin

BC 4000: Blackmoor begins its rise to greatness after having discovered and plundered the City of the Gods.

BC 3500: Blackmoor and elven cultures meet at the height of their power and begin periods of intermittent warfare and trade. Several elven clans adopt Blackmoorian ways and colonize the northern lands.

BC 3000: Blackmoor comes to an abrupt end in the Great Rain of Fire, and the civilized world is devastated. The planet’s axis shifts and it is thrust into an Ice Age. Glaciers expand, the oceans recede, and land bridges are revealed between the Known World and the Isle of Dawn. Radiance fallout expands from the center of the disaster and is carried by winds to all corners of the world for the next few centuries.

BC 2990: Civilizations across the entire face of the planet stagger after the destruction of Blackmoor, and many of them falter. Hardest hit were those nations closest to the disaster on Skothar and Brun. To make matters worse a strange rotting disease slowly kills many of the survivors.

BC 2950: Giant kingdoms begin to reclaim territories lost to human nations during the rise of Blackmoor.

BC 2940: Thonian colonists on Brun have been suffering greatly from the Wasting disease, coupled by attacks from giantish neighbors. Their culture is crumbling and it looks as if it could be destroyed entirely.

BC 2938: Tayma, a high priestess of the Thonian colonists, sets out on a quest to save her people. Prompted by dreams sent from a mysterious immortal, she seeks the lair of the dragon Ghaerathelix.

BC 2933: After many years of searching, Tayma finally discovers the location of Ghaerathelix’s lair. She spies upon the ancient gold for many months, in an attempt to uncover his secrets. Her labors prove fruitful when Tayma witnesses the dragon transform himself in a magical ceremony. Realizing this is the secret her immortal patron wished her to find, Tayma flees into the forest to ponder her discovery.
Now transformed into a powerful undead being known as a night dragon, Ghaerathelix changes his name to honor his own immortal patron, calling himself Ghaeranatos.

BC 2900: Taurans fleeing the Golden Realm of Gildesh in Davania, arrive along the shores of Taymora bringing with them worship of the Great Bull in the Earth (Ixion)

BC 2928: Satisfied that she has deciphered Ghaerathelix’s ceremony Tayma returns to her people, only to find them enslaved by giantish overlords. Determined to free them, the priestess calls upon her mysterious immortal patroness and performs the dragon’s ritual upon herself. The Ceremony of Blood is devastating – transforming Tayma into the Original Nosferatu and leaving the nearby giants as bloodless, desiccated husks. Tayma’s newfound powers make her immune to the effects of the Wasting, but also visit upon her an insatiable desire to consume the blood of others.

BC 2913: Tayma is able to perfect the Ceremony of Blood so that it protects the rest of her people from the effects of the Wasting. By sacrificing a portion of their own life’s blood, all participants of the Ceremony are cleansed of the disease, however to be effective the Ceremony must be performed on an annual basis.

BC 2876: With the help of her newly revealed patroness Tanit, the Night Mother, Tayma begins to consolidate her power among the Thonian colonists. She brings several more villages under her sway and begins the process to cleanse them of the Wasting.

BC 2839: Though healthy once again, the Thonian colonists, now calling themselves Taymorans in honor of their savior, are still not numerous. They face renewed attacks from giants on all sides.

BC 2800: The Azcans have shattered the Oltecs, however their victory is short lived. Their culture degrades under the aftereffects of the Great Rain of Fire, and in order to escape their impending doom they flee below ground, under the Great Escarpment.

BC 2795: Determined to grow her empire, Tayma begins making overtures to the neighboring Maharian peoples. With her growing allies she is able to stay the attacks of the giants, and expand her influence to several growing cities.

BC 2746: Unable to protect the increasing number of followers that she is accumulating from the Wasting, Tayma begins recruiting the best and brightest from Tanit’s priestesses. They mount a campaign against the neighboring giantish nations in preparation for performing Tayma’s original Ceremony of Blood once again.

BC 2732: Several successful campaigns against the giants have left the Taymorans and their Maharian allies with new territory for expansion… but most importantly to Tayma, they have provided many giantish slaves to be consumed in the upcoming ceremony.

BC 2730: Tayma once again performs the original Ceremony of Blood, draining her giantish slaves of both blood and life force, and creating several more nosferatu under her command. The Maharians are appalled by these blood sacrifices, but Tayma and her “daughters” quickly quiet all unrest. The nosferatu begin to build their nation under the shadows of the Black Mountains.

BC 2729: Ghaeranatos learns of Tayma’s theft. Furious, he rushes to destroy the upstart, but is repelled by Tayma and her Daughters. Licking his wounds, the night dragon slinks away to plot his revenge.

BC 2684: The nation of Taymora thrives under the guidance of Tanit’s Favored One, and her Daughters of Night, but unrest lies just below the surface. Maharians, once allies of the Taymorans have become a subjected people, and the night dragon Ghaeranatos has been calling giant clans to his banner.

BC 2630: Intent on destroying his enemies in one fell swoop, Ghaeranatos and his giantish hordes descend upon the Taymoran capital. Maharian rebels take this opportunity to throw off their chains and attempt to destroy their overlords. Forewarned by Tanit, Tayma and her daughters are prepared for the night dragon’s attack, but not for the treacherous Maharians. The Taymorans are ousted from their home and begin a quick retreat from the area to avoid the vengeance of the night dragon and his hordes.

BC 2629: Destruction of the Black Mountains civilization continues, forcing the newly freed Maharians to flee from their home. These people eventually become the Urduks.

BC 2608: Taymorans have spent the last several decades fleeing from the wrath of Ghaeranatos and his forces, steadily being pushed toward the southern coast of Brun. To combat the night dragon Tayma institutes the creation of the lesser daughters of night, the vampires.

BC 2582: Tayma gathers her forces south of the Aterok Mountains. Her new vampire nobility manages to turn the tide against Ghaeranatos and his giants, and the Taymorans once again look to settle down.

BC 2570: The city of Taymoraz is established along the southern coast of Brun, and Tayma again asserts her control across the land. Taymorans and their remaining Maharian servants, conquer nearby tribes of lupins who have migrated from the Savage Coast, and taurans who fled the Realm of Gildesh in Davania.

BC 2510: Tayma mysteriously disappears, and her Daughters of Night quickly divide her kingdom between themselves. The newly established Taymoran cities along the coast of Brun become states unto themselves, and fight with each other just as often as they do with the giants or lizards from Mogreth. Taymoraz, Tycur, Salkish, Yidaru, and Karisata all rise up as regional powers under the control of one of the Daughters of Night.

BC 2460: Devastated at the hands of the night dragon Ghaeranatos and desperate to stop the tidal wave of human expansion, the giant kings call upon the fey court for assistance. Their pleas are heard, and the Troll Queen comes to their aid.

BC 2450: The Inti emerge from the Great Plateau and begin to rebuild their empire underneath the sun. They come into conflict with nearby giants from Grondheim and Taymorans.

BC 2408: Massive volcanic eruptions in Vulcania destroy the elvish civilizations on that continent and send gouts of black ash swirling into the atmosphere. The resulting clouds plunge the world into decades of darkness and despair as the climate shifts and hunger and death plague the lands. Twaal propaganda claims responsibility for this righteous retribution against their enemies.

BC ???: More disharmony as followers of Thanatos begin to insinuate themselves into Taymoran society. These are the vampires - disenfranchised "children" (many of them males) of the Taymoran Queens who are tired of taking orders from the Tanit Theocracy. Several city states in the southeast fall under their sway and begin to foment unrest in Taymoran society.

BC 2396: The Makai and other free slaves organize themselves into the Dawn Corsairs. Ilsundal’s elves succeed in creating a friendly buffer state between their own people and Mogreth, possibly creating another ally against Adhuza. The Corsairs begin pillaging Mogrethian and Taymoran settlements along the coast.

BC 2395: The Dark Years end as the last clouds of ash settle from the sky.

BC 2370: The Troll Queen consolidates her position, becoming undisputed ruler of all Grondheim.

BC 2340: Soleclea deposes its queen, becoming the first Taymoran city to free itself from the bonds of their vampiric rulers.

BC ???: With the effects of the Wasting withering away, the citizens of several city states begin to question why they should still give allegiance to the vampires and nosferatu who rule their nation. A few of these city states (some in the west) begin to rebel.

BC 2300: Present day.