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Ultra Athletic Special Moves

by tjedge1

Ultra Athletic Special Moves. They are getting more outlandish, but they are pretty neat you have to admit. Especially if you like Kung Fu Hustle.

Name: Flying Heel Stomp
Prerequisites: Athletics 3, Kick 2, Jump
Manoeuvre Cost: 4 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: +0
Damage Bonus: +1
Round Movement: +10'
Description: This high-flying aerial assault utilises a fighter's body weight to hammer an opponent from above. The fighter leaps into the air above his opponent's head and lands heel first on his opponent's head or shoulders. Additionally, the fighter can use his opponent as a springboard to launch away to safety after the attack.
System: The fighter can interrupt his own movement with an attack roll and then finish his allowed movement after rolling damage if successful, if the hit misses, then the fighter lands next to the intended target and is done with movement for the round. For example, Leonine can move 70' using her Flying Heel Stomp, and can stop at any point in her movement to attack one opponent. She decides to jump 25', stomp Ragnar, and then finish her movement 45' away. The only limit is that the jump has to be in a straight line from beginning to end. The Flying Heel Stomp is an aerial manoeuvre and can be used like a Jump move to interrupt and evade a projectile attack (as well as give the would-be attacker a heel-stomping headache).

Name: Tumbling Attack
Prerequisites: Athletics 3, Backflip
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: -1
Damage Bonus: -1
Round Movement: +0'
Description: The fighter can propel himself forward into a series of tumbling manoeuvres combined with punches or kicks that will knock most opponents out of his way. The Tumbling Attack can hit an unsuspecting opponent several times if it is timed properly.
System: Use the modifiers above. Like a Hurricane Kick, the Tumbling Attack has simultaneous movement and damage tests each time the attacker moves a 5' space. When ever the fighter tumbles into the same space as his opponent, he rolls for attack and automatically pushes his opponent back one 5' space. He can continue tumbling into his opponent, pushing him back and damaging him once for each 5', up to the fighter's full movement. The fighter will push his opponent back and make attack rolls until he has moved his full distance or missed an attack, in which he will continue past the opponent. The Tumbling Attack is a crouching manoeuvre. The attacker moves in a straight line.

Name: Dragon's Tail
Prerequisites: Athletics 4, Upper Tail Strike
Manoeuvre Cost: 4 Any Style
Usage Cost: 1 Chi
To Hit: -1
Damage Bonus: +5
Round Movement: -2
Description: This Special Manoeuvre is similar to the Upper Tail Strike, but is more difficult to control and requires greater strength and coordination to perform. The fighter leans forward as if winding up for a powerful uppercut. He then shifts his weight in the other direction while twisting his lower body to snap the tail forward. Using sheer brute strength and momentum, the fighter crashes his tail across the upper body of the target.
System: The target suffers a knockdown if airborne; otherwise a grounded target damaged by the Dragon's Tail will be pushed 5' directly away from the fighter.

Name: Displacement
Prerequisites: Block 2, Athletics 2, Punch 1, Esquives
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: +2
Damage Bonus: -1
Round Movement: +5'
Description: This move consists of a quick sidestep, which allows the fighter to dodge an oncoming attack. The fighter may then execute a short jab if the opponent is still within range. Many opponents are intensely frustrated by this evasion, which is commonly practiced by Savate fighters.
System: This manoeuvre is completely effective only if the fighter has enough movement to initiate a counterattack and makes a successful Dexterity roll. When the opponent begins his attack, the fighter must make a successful Dexterity roll; otherwise, the Displacement is ineffective. The fighter executing the Displacement may then travel up to his full movement to the left or right of his opponent. Once the opponent's move is completed, the "displaced" fighter may move back in and counterattack if the fighter has any movement left. This manoeuvre can be used to evade projectiles, although a second Dexterity roll must be made with a -2 penalty. The fighter's Punch Skill is used for the purposes of determining damage.

Name: Typhoon Tail
Prerequisites: Athletics 3, Tail Sweep, Jump
Manoeuvre Cost: 4 Any Style
Usage Cost: 3 Chi
To Hit: -2
Damage Bonus: +5/+2
Round Movement: +1
Description: The Typhoon Tail seems to have been inspired by the Hurricane Kick. The fighter uses his leg muscles to propel himself high into the air. As he descends he pirouettes - tucking his legs beneath his body and allowing the tail to extend in a circle around him. He then angles his descent to strike his target's head.
System: The fighter begins the Typhoon Tail by moving up to his designated movement. During this time the fighter is airborne and can avoid projectiles like Jump. Any opponent in the final hex of movement will be hit by the attacker's knees and take damage at a +5 modifier. This opponent is also knocked back 5' along the attacking fighter's trajectory. At this point all fighters in adjacent 5' spaces, including the one just hit, are struck by the spinning tail and are knocked back 5' away from the attacker. The Damage modifier for the second attack is +2.