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City of Ubeidda

by Alex Benson

Ubeidda is a nice city. It's a simple place with ample farms surrounding its walls and towers. The spires and towers of the city's interior rise just slightly above the walls. The style of the buildings is attuned more towards function than splendour. Still, the streets are clean and the alleys uncluttered. With a population of just over 3,000, the town is far too large for the population.

Baron Zelarua (MU22) rules Ubeidda. He is a stern man who seems more suited to the clergy than as a ruling mage. But do not let his mild patient manner fool you, for he is a deadly serious man when his domain comes into call. He has a quick wit that takes details into mind. Difficult to fool, he is a no nonsense ruler when action is needed. The Baron takes a very much hands on approach with his city. His intention is to make it prosper and grow into a real city, not the large town it really is.


Ubeidda has two regiments stationed within its walls. Overseeing the military operations of the city is Commander Mobarak (M24) of the 2nd Heavy Movement Regiment. He just recently assumed command of this regiment. His previous command was the 3rd Standard Infantry Regiment so he is familiar with both regiments' personnel.

Stationed in Ubeidda is the 3rd Standard Infantry Regiment. Commanding this regiment is Commander Harpuur (F28). This aging battle scarred warrior is in the twilight of his active military career. He was given the command when Commander Mobarak was transferred to his present command. The regiment he inherited is cocky. Harpuur likes the quality and he has worked his troops hard so that they have the skilled training to back up that air of cockiness.

Also station in Ubeidda is the 2nd Heavy Movement Infantry Regiment. As mentioned above, the present commander is Commander Mobarak (M24). Mobarak is an able commander who has adjusted well to his new command. His greatest shortcoming is his extreme cockiness. As happened with the 3rd Standard Infantry Regiment, this cockiness has spread steadily through the ranks of his new regiment.

University Facilities

Ubeidda boasts several schools of the University. It has an infantry school which is administered by Headmaster Obstricton (E10). This school specialises in students that are lacking in skill or are slow in learning. The school has a reputation for taking bad discipline students as well. The school has saved the careers of many a would be flunkey student. Not only preserving the future of that student, but also saving the honour of that family.

Another University establishment is a Magist School. This school is a sure enough mage school. No combat is taught as yet. Here students are initiated into the study of magic as apprentices. The administrator is Headmaster Quirrin (MU25). He is a rather youngish mage, only in his thirties. Quirrin tends to be very closed minded when it comes to non- spellcasters. He tries to conceal this but he has been known to slip up every now and then.

The last branch of the University in Ubeidda is a Heavy Infantry School. There, students are drilled in the tactics and skills that that infantry type utilises. The school is administered by Headmaster Veructa (F27). A valiant warrior, he loves to spar with his students. This sparring is not limited to other non-spellcasters. Veructa will eagerly grab up a quarterstaff and spar with his war mage students as well. Veructa is single but has a love interest. He is currently keeping company with a young lady of one of the surrounding farms. The lady, Essiella (F2), is a young pretty thing just out of active service with the Medicinal Regiment.


Ubeidda's economy is based on agriculture. The farms surrounding the town grow mostly food crops. These crops are harvested, processed, and stored in town. Other businesses support this agriculture. Blacksmiths forge farm tools. Carpenters create everything from furniture and buildings to wagons and barrels.

Other Notables

Charkanan (MU36) is a member of the Grand Council. Originally of Alpira, he chose Ubeidda as his home about forty years ago. During his residence, he has contributed greatly to the locals. He often speaks at the mage school, sometimes tutoring students. Charkanan can often be found at his small estate inside Ubeidda. He shows little desire to do any serious research.

Alguard (E10) has been living in Ubeidda on and off for the last two hundred years or so, running a small wine house. He sporadically disappears for short periods. No one really knows what he does. He seems to have a steady flow of visitors from outside of town. His wine house has gained a reputation for being centred towards visitors.


Ubeidda is an agricultural town. The people here are rather low key. It's pretty laid back in Ubeidda, some may call it boring. Then you have the various schools, which do contrast with their hustle and bustle. With these two aspects in mind, it is easy to see why things tend to revolve around the schools' schedules and the planting and harvest cycles.

DM Notes:

Veructa and Essiella are in love and do plan on marriage. There is no intrigue nor is there any dark secrets behind this. Though the rumours of their marriage, caused many a suitor to mourn, there are no rivals that pose threats to the couple. No one even minds the age difference: she is twenty- two, he is thirty-six.

Councilman Charkanan is very much involved in experimentation. It is him that is behind the creation of the Niter Staffs used by the Heavy Movement Infantry Mages. He carries an enhanced version of a Niter Staff capable of twice the number of charges a standard one can produce. Charkanan is not a mage to rely wholly on spells. He is a capable warmage. He is a supporter of that type and often uses his trips to the school in Ubeidda to scout for prospects for the Heavy Movement Regiments.

The elf Alguard is in fact a member of the Black Watch. His role within the secretive Black Watch is twofold. First, he runs a safe house for Black Watch troops and agents. Second, he has at times been called upon to undertake missions. His specialty is covert insertion.