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Ublaat-Nor (Khanate of)

Location: Continent of Brun, southeast of Leeha, between Kameloth and the Free Plains. NW

Area: Approx. 998 sq. mi. (2,585 sq. km.); no definite borders, however.

Population: Shifting between 1,000 in winter and 2,600 at other times of the year (nomadic migrations).

Languages: Viaskodas, Heldannic.

Coinage: Barter commonly used.

Taxes: One third of the family's goods must be given to the khan (baron) yearly. He redistributes half of the total amount to the needy families and keeps the remaining half.

Government Type: Barony, member of the Kingdom of Alpha, member of the Norwold Confederacy.

Industries: Horse herding, hunting, agriculture.

Important Figures: Brogahn (Baron), Barkal the Red (Chieftain).

Flora and Fauna: Ublaat-nor consists of grasslands, steppes, rolling hills and a few cultivated farmlands. It resembles the wide grasslands of Ethengar, with many colourful flowers dotting the plains and low-lying hills in spring. Small ponds and streams crisscross the country, and a few pine groves grow here and there. Small game is abundant and horses (both wild and tamed) are numerous in this valley. Monstrous flora includes grab grass patches and thorn bushes, while great cats, hippogriffs and manticores are the most dangerous predators roaming Ublaat-nor. Unicorns have been reported travelling regularly through the region.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.