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Ultra Grab Special Moves

by tjedge1

Name: Rising Storm Crow
Prerequisites: Grab 3, Athletics 3, Throw
Manoeuvre Cost: 6 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: -3
Damage Bonus: (-3)x2
Round Movement: +10'
Description: The Rising Storm Crow is a devastating manoeuvre based on the same principles of leverage seen in the Thigh Press, only taken to a further level of power. The fighter charges and grabs anything at hand on the front of his target (lapels, hair, ears); he then launches into a forward flip directly over his opponent. As he lands in a crouched position (still facing the direction he started in), he bends his opponent over backwards and pulls him over his head, using the momentum of the leap to fling him tumbling through the air. Damage is caused by both the forced backward contortion and the impact of the landing. Successful repetition of this manoeuvre can easily batter an opponent senseless.
System: The fighter must start at least 10' away from his target when starting, and can throw the target in a straight line forward for as many feet as his Strength. The target takes two damage rolls if the attack is successful: one at -3 when the forced flip is initiated, and then another at twice the fighter's Strength bonus when the target lands. Thus, a character with a high Strength throws the target farther and harder. The opponent automatically suffers a Knockdown.

Name: Norwold Suplex
Prerequisites: Grab 4, Athletics 2, Suplex
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: +0
Damage Bonus: +2
Round Movement: 5'
Description: Norwold Sanbo wrestlers invented the bouncing Norwold Suplex in order to have more fun with their puny opponents from the South. Sanbo wrestlers found that their opponents would usually be knocked senseless after only one Suplex, thus - ending the match before the Sanbo fighter could work up a sweat. So Sanbo fighters invented the Norwold Suplex. This move begins exactly like a regular Suplex, but the fighter backbridges the opponent's shoulders into the ground hard enough to bounce both fighters into the air. While in the air, the Sanbo wrestler maintains the Suplex hold. When the pair lands, the victim again suffers a Suplex collision on the ground.
System: This move is identical to a Suplex, except that the fighters end the move 5' farther back as they land from the second hit. The fighter rolls two damage rolls using the modifiers above if the victim is successfully hit. The victim also suffers a Knockdown.

Name: Air Suplex
Prerequisites: Grab 3, Athletics 3, Jump, Suplex
Manoeuvre Cost: 3 Any Style
Usage Cost: 1 Chi
To Hit: -1
Damage Bonus: +4
Round Movement: +0'
Description: The warrior intercepts his opponent in mid-air, grabbing the opponent and twisting him upside-down so that both attacker and victim fall to the ground headfirst. Of course, the victim of the Air Suplex crashes to the ground first, absorbing the impact of the fall. This manoeuvre was actually developed by Sind Kabaddi masters who were said to be able to intercept the pounce of a full grown tiger and bring the tiger crashing to the ground.
System: Use the modifiers listed above. The fighter must attack an opponent that's aerial. If the victim is hit, then the Air Suplex was successful and the victim suffers a Knockdown. The attacker and victim both end the turn in the same space where the attack occurred.

Name: Norwold Bear Crusher
Prerequisites: Grab 3, Athletics 2, Back Breaker
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: +0
Damage Bonus: +5
Round Movement: +5'
Description: Irritated by little opponents who would hit and run from them, Sanbo wrestlers revived and perfected a manoeuvre they had previously practiced on the wild bears of Norwold. In so doing, the wrestler would rush at the bear, closing inside the range of the bear's deadly claws before it could strike. Then he lifted the bear into an airborne back breaker to hammer the beast into submission. (Of course, practitioners acquired a lot of claw scars trying to learn the manoeuvre.)
System: The wrestler dashes forward into the opponent's space, grabs the opponent, inverts him, and leaps into the air. In midair, the wrestler adjusts his hold to ensure the victim lands in the Back Breaker position. The wrestler can choose any space up to 5' away to land in. The victim will land in any space adjacent to the wrestler. The victim suffers a Knockdown in addition to damage.