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The Grand University of Arms:

by Alex Benson

"Welcome to life. Within these walls you will be handed the gift of the knowledge accumulated through blood, sweet, and tears. For you that are of Randel, you have a great deal to uphold by ways of tradition and honour. You will not let me, your comrades, or your kingdom down. For you foreigners, I can only say do your best because someone has invested a great deal of money on you."
Sgt. Gribicran, drill instructor

One of Randel's greatest industries is its militarism. Thanks to imperial funding, Randel can provide a sizeable as well as powerful army, navy, and skyship navy. Funding also allows for the proper training of troops. Not only do the people of Randel train their own citizens, but they also teach soldiers from other kingdoms of the Empire. The kingdom is enthusiastic about this as it brings in extra income and has established strong military ties throughout the Empire's armies.

The University is spread out among the various cities of the kingdom. Infantry schools can be found in Doxeton, Ubeidda, Feltborne, and Kedy. The Cavalry school can be found in Hoddives. Dmiliburg and Pemsky are the sites for the naval schools, though Pemsky focuses on the Marine aspect of that military profession. Norok and Doxeton are the sites for the kingdom's aerial fleet schools. Randel also boasts a number of smaller schools that cater to more specialised doctrines of warfare such as Combat Engineers, Mage Schools, and an officer's training school.

The majority of the University's students are of Randel. However, a certain number of foreign Alphatians are enrolled. These foreign students provide an added financial boon to the University. Enrolment fees are high for those not native of Randel. The typical student body is primarily of those native to Randel. Foreign students usually comprise 10 to 30 percent of a school's enrolled students.

The yearly school term starts on Alphamir 15th and closes on Burymir 15th. Both the fighter based schools as well as the magist based schools begin and end their schedules concurrently. The time in between sees the students involved in the scholarly pursuit of their particular field of warfare.

Inductees are always initiated into one of the standard infantry schools. From there they are evaluated and advanced to other fields as their ability allows. Even the most elite marine will have spent at least one term in a standard infantry school.

Rardish- Officer Training School & university head offices
Dmireton- Combat Engineer School
Dmiliburg-Randel Naval Academy
Sealidun- Naval Marine Academy.
Doxeton- Standard Infantry School
Hoddives- Cavalry School
Ubeidda- Standard Infantry School & Heavy Infantry School & Magist School.
Poys- Artillery School
Norok- Magist School & Skyship School
Felteborn- Magist School & Heavy Infantry School & Black Watch School
Kedy- Combined Infantry School
Alpira- Standard Infantry School & Magist School + Heavy Infantry School