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Unplaced places and populations of Mystara

by LoZompatore

At the following link an Excel file with a list to a set of locations - ranging in size from countries to inns - which were hinted at or loosely described in the official supplements but never described further or forgotten in later canon material.

The list is likely incomplete, even if it was compiled at the best of my knowledge. I tried to focus on the most obscure and incomplete pieces of canon information (most often than not mentioned only once) in case other fans wish to expand over them.
For example in the list there are 23 proper countries / kingdoms and 17 large regions (from mountain ranges to seas) which get a barely officiale description at all. I believe that most of them could be conveniently placed in the unexplored regions of Mystara (Davania, Skothar, central and eastern Brun).

A brief description of the place, population or organization is included. Often this description covers all the information available on that given entry but sometimes there is more to be read. For this reason I included the bibliographic reference of the official supplement that mentions the entry, for you to check in case you wish to get further information.

Hope this list could be useful as a reference and information tool ; )

The list is intentionally "fan-theory neutral", irrespective of the fixing creatd by the fan base over the years (most of which I agree upon ;)) In compiling the list I just added the reference, the description according to the reference and - if available - the known region or country where the place is located. In this way, if anyone wishes to create his own theory about some specific location, he can trace the reference back to its original source and work with the basic information about the place ;)