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by Travis Henry

Urt, female hollow megalith; CR Unknown; Colossal Aberration (6190 mi. wide); HD 2400d8 + 1,188,000; hp 1,198,800; Init +0; Spd 0ft. (effective combat speed), approx. 1000 mph (rotation on her axis), approx. 67,000 mph (revolution around Ixion); AC 15 (core), -5 (mantle); Atk -- ; PP 5000; SR 15; AL LG; SV Empyreal5; Str 1000, Con 1000, Dex --, Int 50+, Wis 50+, Cha 50+.

Power Points: As a megalith in her active phase, Urt can use all forms of Power attacks, and can create any magical effect within the Sphere of Matter by standard procedures. The range of such effects is measured from her outer edge, not her centre.

Languages: Megalith. She is currently in her active cycle, and thus can communicate by gentle, subtle manipulations of the surface of her mantle. The only mortals able to understand her "speech" are druids and balancers, and even they do not fully understand the process or its implications. Immortal intelligence, augmented by magical aids such as 'telepathy', can establish two-way communication with her, as long as she remains in her active phase.

Appearance: For a character portrait of this lovely lady, see myst3d.gif

Background: Urt is a megalith, which is the largest known life form in the multiverse. As a member of the "hollow" subrace of megaliths, her brain matter (known by scholars as the "Worldshield") is spread throughout a layer near her outer edge (rather than massed in the centre of the body, as with the "common megalith" subrace). As a hollow megalith, she has less HD than her diameter would indicate -- a common megalith of her size would have 6190HD. Her brain layer is surrounded by a mixed solid/liquid rock-like tissue known as the "mantle". The exposed edges of her mantle are covered with a very thin (relative to her entire size) accumulation of material which has leaked from elemental vortices that tend to open near, and sometimes inside, her body. These vortices are present because Urt's Prime Planar position is in alignment with four extraplanar Elemental planets (one each of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth).

Urt, is currently fully awake. She observes her surroundings and examines herself constantly, noting the appearance and disappearance of life forms on and within her, aiding their development, and defending herself. Of generally good intentions, she will try to avoid unexpected movements while awake, for such can damage or destroy the life forms. She's now nearing the midpoint of her active phase. Like the others of her kind, she was created at the same time as the multiverse. The Immortals made special arrangements with Urt before starting to cultivate life forms upon and within her. Most of these life forms refer to her as "Mystara".

Source: Adapted from "DM's Guide to Immortals", p43