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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Cynidicea, Patron of Leeha
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 19th (Empyreal), CN, Energy
Symbol: a silver five pointed star
Portfolio: magic, healing, guile, travel, messengers, thieves, Cynidicea
Worshipped in: Known World (Cynidicea), Norwold (Leeha)
Appearance: a youthful halfling of about a metre tall, with the face of an infantile candour so much to be confused for a child, a sly and intelligent look, a small golden circlet on his head and a silver dagger at the waist, dressed in loud clothes of all the colours of the rainbow and a pair of great wings of white on his back.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: Usamigaras was in life a halfling given of an slyness and of a boldness equal only to his thirst for adventure. After having left his homeland, the Five Shires, Usamigaras wandered around until, in escaping from a powerful wizard from who he’d just stolen a ring of wishes (which he used to gain magic powers equal to those of an archmage), in 400 BC ended in the city of Cynidicea. Thanks to the exhibition of his powers and to a little cleverness, Usamigaras was able to enter into the thanks of the rulers, Kallikrates and Valeria, and was appointed court mage and tutor of the small Marina, only heiress of the two monarchs. When the king and queen of Cynidicea died because of a landslide while they searched in the subterranean grotto only just discovered under the capital, Usamigaras succeeded to convince the council of nobles to support his nomination to new monarch and regent of the crown, with the promise that having protect the queen Marina until her age of majority and would later return the power from his hands. Effectively, during the following 20 years of the reign of Usamigaras, Cynidicea was able to peacefully prosper, and the Regent became a figure of great popularity both among the nobles and among the commoners, frequently organising ballets, festivals and games for endearing himself to the population (and justified with this conspicuous expense deficit in the case of the state). In 370 BC Usamigaras discovered the secret documents of Gorm regarding the path for Immortality, and began to think seriously of doing a more important thing than the governing of the kingdom. Therefore, after having taught well the by now adult Marina on her duties and having found her a worthy husband in the captain of the guard, the faithful Alexius, as promised Usamigaras abdicated from his position of regent and left Cynidicea (taking with him a good part of the royal treasury and all the ancient documents of Gorm), revealed to him that the moment had arrived for him to undertake the path for joining with the Immortals Gorm and Madarua. Usamigaras succeeded in effect to become Immortal in 333 BC, after having found in Coberham a patron and on his indication having guided the halflings that lived with difficulty between Soderfjord and the Alasiyan Desert (descendents of the survivors from the invasion of Soderfjord by part of the kobolds in 490 BC) towards the far-off Great Bay, moving to found the county of Leeha. It was here that Usamigaras completed his own path and became a hero and an Immortal worshipped by the hin of Norwold. After he returned to also manifest in Cynidicea, where he founded his own cult and became the third member of the Cynidicean pantheon. It was typical of Usamigaras to guide the Cynidiceans in escaping from the northmen invaders in the underground caves, and to suggest to his clerics of starting the reconstruction of the city in that secret site, a decision that was later also supported by the followers of the other Immortals.
Personality: Nevertheless during his mortal life Usamigaras has wanted most of all is to place the churches of Madarua and Gorm in second place and centralise in his hands all the power, from when he became Immortal he is a loyal ally of the other two Immortals that protect Cynidicea, acknowledging that fighting the threat constituted by Zargon (the demonic entity that lives under the city) as well as guaranteeing the survival of the Cynidiceans are two optimal motives for acting in common accord. This does not remove the fact that Usamigaras is always much more cunning in the proffering of plans of action and preaches to his cultists of using guile and subterfuge for more easily attaining their aims. Despite this side of him, Usamigaras is also remembered for his great curative ability and for the profound knowledge of the arcane arts, and for this is worshipped as the patron of thieves, healers, messengers and mages to Cynidicea, while to Leeha he is recognised as patron of guile, healing and travellers.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Coberham]
Allies: Gorm, Madarua
Enemies: none
Alignment of followers: Chaotic or Neutral
Favourite weapon: dagger (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: Clerics Usamigaras acquire the ability to cast arcane spells from scrolls, as a mage of level equal to 1/3 of their cleric level, free read magic ability
Domains: Energy, Chaos, Magic, Healing, Stealth
Preferred weapon: dagger
Source: B4, WotI