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Tables of useful information from D&D modules and products

by The Dark

I was going through my Dungeon magazine collection recently, and had forgotten that part 1 of Tortles of the Purple Sage had a d100 table with costs and weights for 38 different herbs and spices (Dungeon #6, page 48). Another two that come to mind as I write this are the Weapon Defects and Partial Armor from Orcs of Thar, useful for adventures where characters (PC or NPC) must scavenge/salvage gear. What other odd little additions appeared in various products that were useful well outside their intended module/adventure?

by Robin

I checked my information and came up with these useful tables in the various adventures

B1 page 11; Wizard Container contents
B1 page 12; Barrel Contents with Merchant Codings, Suppluroom contents
B1 page 13; Implement room contents
B1 pages 25-26; Treasure list (low to medium dungeons)
B1 page 26; Availability of NPC's
B1 page 27; Class Henchmen/Hirelings
B1 page 27; NPC personality
B1 pages 28-30; NPC's variable functionality list (name, class, abilities set)

B2 pages 9-10; Loanbank contents
B2 page 23; NPC personalities, Class/ability examples

B3 page 4; Spell failure table
B4 pages 26-29; very rare monsters
B4 page 30; Traps
B4 page 28; rapid (N)PC generation

B10 page 39; village/city optional events
B10 page 46; Random objects for deserted structures
B10 Pullout Vll; Weather
B10 Pullout VII; Bargaining

B11 page 20; Adventure clock

O1 page 9; Plant Effects

O2 page 15; Flitterling mushroom effects

X3 page 5-7; Average town business table, Tavern/inn examples, Guard patrol table

X6 Page 4; Gale/Hurricane chance
X6 page 7; Storm effects table
X6 page 9; Subsurfaces depths
X6 page 9; sandy shoreline debris
X6 page 10; Floating Flotsam
X6 page 13; Rocky Coastline debris
X6 Page 14; High Seas encounters
X6 page 19; Gravesite contents

X7 page 5; Wandering Sea monster encounters
X7 page 6; underwater random encounter tables(different depths)

CM3 page 10; Trap table

CM7 cover inside; Starmap

CM8 page 5; average Tavern/Inn NPC's

CM9 page 25; average morale of a settlement system

M5 page 6; Squad combat rules; to make a group more functional vs individuals(PC's hint) Some additional tweaking required with higher HD/level NPC's

IM1 page 28; basic impact damages (replace by creatures or incoming objects of similar mass/size; for example a Small Dragon equals a Motor, a Medium dragon a car and a large dragon a truck)
IM1 page 37 Astral encounter table
IM1 page 38; Ethereal encounter table

IM3 Cover and inside; Planar "card' system

Each of these adventures have their own PC/NPC listing and wandering monster tables which are possible to be used under similar circumstances elsewhere.
Some tweeking might sometimes be needed. Especially where names are given, yet these are easily replaced. Some tables hold some basic stuff of THAT specific adventure, replace these with something similar yet more general

The Rules Enxyclopedia, the Rule boxes, Gazeteers, Almanacs, DM screens, DM & Player survival guides and Accesories also have useful tables; weather, horoscope sign and seer-saying, languages, item cards, hapening cards, just to mention a few
And as mentioned above the two Trail maps have awesome tables

And don't forget my blog. I have several tables here about; Alcohol, Piety, swimming, jumping and falling, and more will come.