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Valamaeraen the Bronze

by Tim Haney

Here's one of my dragons I like to have my players encounter (usually never knowing he is a dragon). This is only a rough sketch and I hope you enjoy him.


Valamaeraen makes his home along the coast of Karameikos below Vandevicsny Village. He keeps a sea cave as a lair in which he rarely spends much time and so keeps little treasure. The cave is protected by the natural tides of the Dread Sea. It is only open during very low tide. He thinks of it more as a summer home that he returns to contemplate his next project. His most used form to polymorph into is a gnome named Val Sticklenose and is usually found in human and demi-human settlements. Val Sticklenose isn't unusual except for the bronze hair. He enjoys company, especially talkative company and immediately engages in it with a willing party. He once ran into a gnome from Highforge in Mirros while walking the streets as Val and they spent the better part of a day engage in conversation. This lead to him taking part on the Gnome Caravan to Highforge where he spent the better part of a year with the little people. He is a valued friend to the halflings of the Five Shires and recently helped them during their campaign against the Baron of Black Eagle Barony and was the one that suggested that they abduct King Stefan to see their plight. He keeps as small house in Vandevicsny Village and has rented many rooms in inns along the coast. He is currently travelling with a party of adventuring elves in the eastern wood of Karameikos. He can also be found in the Duchy of Terentias where he attempts to romance a female bronze making her home on the island.

Valamaeraen in dragon form is 145 feet long from nose to tail tip. He is just entering his fourth century of life making him an old dragon. His favourite spells to memorise are sleep, wall of fog, ESP, misdirection, non-detection, cure light wounds. He is one of the calmer individuals of a party and is fascinated by all races.