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Known NPCs of The Vale

by Håvard

The Patriarch: Grey bearded man, apparently powerful enough to raise the dead. One of the Town Elders
Lady Ostur: Owner of the Merry Minotaur. One of the Town Elders.
Dagger Daneer: She is a retired Thief. Age 29.
Ulan: Halfling who works in the stables.
Falgur Ironstone: Dwarven Blacksmith. Are the Ironstones the main Dwarven Clan on the area? One of the Town Elders
Kosi: A young widow running the local store
Kestin Pane: Leader of the Town Elders, essentially the Mayor of Haven
Kira Pane: 16 year old daughter of Kestin.
Farmer Mingolf: One of the Town Elders
Old Alejandro: A wizard, living in a hard to find hut in the forest edge.
Restad: A Vampire recently having arrived in the valley and having taken shelter on the Black Isle
Trust: King of the local Bugbear Tribe
Moltenclaw: A Red Dragon (51 Hp)

Eye of the Wyvern

Murri Thistledown: A Halfling often found travelling the wilderness around Haven
Bobbie: A human from the farming community near Wyvern Falls
Old John: Human. Leader of the farmers near Wyvern Falls
Ferga: An older woman from the farming community near Wyvern Falls
Ironfang's Dog: Dog of the Dwarven Blacksmith in Haven. It has been missing lately.

Wrath of the Minotaur

Alaxus: A Mage who once ruled over the entire valley with an iron fist. Although he was human, he was known as the Minotaur Mage. Believed to be dead.
Macques: A herder, often seen travelling the wilderness. He is trailed with the crossbow.

Stock PCs

Darkblade: Human Fighter
Elanna: Human Fighter
Mitchifer: Human Priest
Niles: Halfling Thief
Peregrine: Human Paladin
Sunblayze: Elf Fighter/Wizard
Thaddeus: Human Wizard
Thordar: Dwwarf Fighter

Stock PCS (Crypt of the Smoke Dragon)

Graywulf: Human Fighter
Stardancer: Elf Rogue
Delavan: Dwarf Priest
Zanthar Rex: Human Wizard
Maxie: A dog whose owner was slain.