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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Immortal of Love, Patroness of Passion and Desire, Lady of Charity, Protector of Lovers

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 31st (Hierarch), CG, Matter
Symbol: a delicate rose with particularly pointed thorns
Portfolio: love, passion, desire, sensuality, beauty, arts, fertility, protection, charity
Worshipped in: Bellissaria, Cestia, Savage Coast (Almarrón, Cimarron, Gargoña, Guadalante, Herath, Narvaez, Saragón, Texeiras, Torreón, Vilaverde), Davania (Brasol, Izonda, Meghala Kimata, Pelatan, Vulcania), Isle of Dawn (Shadow Coast, Helskir, East Portage, Redstone, Thothia), Pearl Islands, Alphatian Sea (Alphatia, Alatian Islands), Hollow World (Milenians, Nithians, Tanagoro, Traldar), Known World (Darokin, Ierendi, Northern Reaches, Thyatis), Norwold, Ochalea, Skothar (Minaea, Thonia, Zyxl), Yavdlom
Appearance: a most beautiful woman who appears to be of the observer’s race, dressed in clothes of uniquely tasteful design and precious jewels typical of the culture to which she manifests, besides a pair of golden earrings that represent the rising sun, a gift of her lover Ixion.
History: Valerias belongs to the caste of Immortals so ancient they cannot remember their own mortal life nor does she want to try to shine a light on her past. Valerias only began to become interested in Mystara when the first humans appeared on it, and she remains fascinated by their vitality, passion and customs. In particular Valerias is becoming the patroness of love, especially of the history of tragic, tormented and impassioned love. In this capacity she was often called with the appellation of Girder-on of Weapons, since some legends tell of her intervention at the side of lovers that face death together as bringer of arms and armour for better fighting against adverse luck. Her cult is popular in every part of Mystara, both as patroness of idealised and physical love, and of fertility (in women and in nature), sensuality, femininity and charity.
Personality: Valerias is a very passionate Immortal and as such her temperament is stormy, proud, sanguine. She likes to meddle in the affairs of mortals and is inclined to indirectly intervene to help all those mortals that affect her fantasy or demonstrate charm and charisma. These rushes of blood are however transitory, and so as suddenly as her interest for a story or an individual can bloom it can diminish equally rapidly when it grows troublesome or predictable. Even her romantic relationship with Ixion, that has lasted since time immemorial, suffers disruptions from time to time when Valerias loses her head for some other, but in the end she always returns to Ixion, when looking for stability. Despite being both the uncontested patroness of love and beauty, she has however recently began to feel a serious rivalry towards Kythria, a young Immortal who was once her priestess and who is now under the protection of Eiryndul (another Immortal that Valerias detests for his unendurable arrogance and the repeated advances), who seeks to steal her space and faithful. Furthermore, given his spirited and unstable character, she doesn’t support the pedantry of Khoronus, often ending with her arguing with him.
Patron: unknown (probably none)
Allies: Ixion (her companion)
Enemies: all the Entropics, Eiryndul, Kythria, Khoronus
Alignment of followers: clerics and followers can have any alignment (clerics are usually Neutral or Chaotic)
Favourite weapon: short sword or rapier (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: can freely cast locate object and remove fear each once per day (considered magical abilities), and on reaching 9th level can cast charm person once per day, +2 bonus on the skills seduction, fashion expert and make up (not free)
Paladins’ and Avengers’ skills and powers: lay on hands, +1 bonus to Charisma, free persuasion skill
Domains: Matter, Chaos, Good, Protection, Fertility, Persuasion
Preferred weapon: short sword
Source: HW, HWR2, WotI, DotE, SCS, HWR3