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by Kar Ess

Ability Requirements: Strength: 14, Dexterity: 14, Constitution 14 Charisma 14
Prime Requisites: Strength and Dexterity Races Allowed: Human, Elf, Half-Elf
Female only

Background: The Valkyre are a Race and a Class put together. They are always at war. For the Valkyre, war training begins in infancy. Before they can walk, they learn how to hold a sword.

Saving Throws same as warrior.
THAC0: same as warrior
Levels: same as warrior

A Valkyre has the following special benefits:

* Valkyre can detect ambush.

*She must spend two slots to gain specialisation but she will get a +1 to hit above the specialisation bonuses

Because she was trained at birth, Valkyre can fight two-handed with no penalty to her attack rolls.

Valkyre have these bonuses:
* Proficiency: Two weapon fighting style.
* The Valkyre are so good that they get a bonus to AC of +1 every fourth level
* Valkyre has the same abilities as a Ranger to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently -
* Valkyre use only swords so she can specialise in it.
* Gets horseback riding free

A Valkyre has the following disadvantages: * Valkyre will not use any missile weapons. Because she thinks they are for cowards
* Valkyre will not wear any armour since it takes away her movements * Valkyre do not like magic. Unless it is a priest or shaman and that is only for healing.
* Valkyre will not turn down a fight, will not accept surrender, nor will she surrender.
* She is protective of the dead, will not allow raise dead in her presence, nor will she let tombs or graves be robbed.

A Valkyre believes that when she dies, if she has been good enough, she will be chosen to serve as a real Valkyre