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The Vampiric Bloodlines of Mystara

by Giampaolo Agosta




Immortal involved



ca BC 2500




before BC 500

Unknown entropic



ca BC 500




ca BC 300




AC 307




ca AC 400

(created by mad wizards)


Old Traladaran

ca AC 500

(derived from the Alphatian)



ca AC 500

Arachne Prime, the Night Spider



AC 600




ca AC 700




AC 720




ca AC 800

Unknown entropic






Vampire Bat


(naturally occurring)


Vampire Rose


(naturally occurring)


Juniper Bloodsucker


(naturally occurring)


Ubour Bloodline


(naturally occurring)

Boldavian Line

Description: The Boldavian bloodline is a powerful but not widely known one, due to the strict enforcement of the Boldavian Vampires' Law by Prince Morphail. Few Boldavian vampires go on a killer rampage like those of other lines, and most are powerful wizards, often necromancers.
Creation: This line was created by the Immortal Alphaks in AC 720. It is composed by the family of the Dark Prince, Morphail of Boldavia, and by the nobles of his house. A few "renegade" vampires can be found in the westernmost reaches of the Ethengar Khanate.
Progenitor: Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany is the progenitor of this vampiric line.
Type of Vampire: Vampire and Nosferatu.
Powers: Shapechange in grey fox form; Innate Magic (Necromantic & Elemental Fire); Fire resistance.
Known members: The whole Boldavian nobility and King Thar.
References: Gaz3; Gaz10.

Taymoran Line

Description: The Taymoran bloodline comprises the remnants of the long lost Taymoran Empire. Few Taymorans, if any, survive today, but those who do are masters of the undead and of necromantic magic, as befits to the followers of Nyx.
Creation: This bloodline was the outcome of the dark necromantic experiments of the Kings of Taymora, and their bound with the Immortal Nyx. The Taymoran Nosferatu reached their maximum diffusion and power during the Taymoran age, but were mostly destroyed during the cataclysm that marked the end of the Taymoran Empire.
Progenitor: Unknown.
Type of Vampire: Nosferatu.
Powers: Cast spell of the lycanthropic sphere as 1 level lower (power lost in time); Undead Master; Innate Magic (Necromancy & Conjuration).
Known Members: None.
References: Mystaros' History of the Taymoran Empire; The Complete Mystaran Timeline.

Koriszegy Line

Description: Since the bloodline's progenitor, Koriszegy, cannot leave his keep near the Radlebb Woods, most Koriszegy vampires are free, and they make up a large portion of the vampiric population of Traladara and Southern Darokin. This bloodline is growing faster than any other. Many young vampires come from this bloodline, and their unlife is often quite short, for most of them suffer from the same "madness" as their progenitor.
Creation: This line is the result of the failed attempt of the last Lord Koriszegy to forge an alliance with dark forces, supposedly Entropic Immortals or Fiends.
Progenitor: Lord Koriszegy, the mad vampire, is the ancestor of all of these vampires.
Type of Vampire: Vampire.
Powers: Create minor undead (Ghoul); Vampiric Rage; Bloodlust.
Known Members: Koriszegy, Rosentus and Redtooth.
References: Gaz1; Gaz6.

Old Traldaran Line

Description: This was the most common line before the "Dark Years" (AC 700 - AC 800) which led to the transition to undeath and to the defeat of both Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany and the last of the Koriszegy, and to the creation of the "new" Traladaran lines. The Old Traladaran line is also common in the City-States of the Gulf of Hule, and in the Olgarian lands. Some Nosferatu of this line are also present in Boldavia and in the Flying City of Serraine.
The Old Traladarans are intelligent, charming and adept at cloaking their undead nature, and are among the most sociable nosferatu. Many of them also wield wizardly or bardic magic.
Creation: This bloodline derives from a less powerful variant of the Alphatian strain. Being was physically inferior to their "relatives", those nosferatu were forced to leave the better hunting grounds, but their adaptability made them more successful outside their native land.
After the purges brought on by the Alphatian Grand Council and the more advanced nations of the Known World, the nosferatu's area of influence was reduced to the less civilised lands, the dark forests of Traladara.
Progenitor: Unknown.
Type of Vampire: Nosferatu.
Powers: Charming Blood; Charm while Gaseous; Innate Magic (Enchantment and Illusion).
Known Members: Zemiros Sulescu, Aden III Ansimont of Darokin, Miroslav Gorevitch-Stekel and Andriy Stekel.
References: Gaz1; PC4; The Glantrian Interactive Map.

Genalleth Line

Description: These vampires have been created to serve as shock troops for the Necromancers of the Denagothian Plateau, and are therefore fearsome fighters. From their elven nature, they keep an affinity for enchantment magic.
Creation: This bloodline was created during the wars between Wendar and Essuria, by the Essurian Necromancers. The Immortal Nyx interfered with the Necromancers' works, and the attempt to create a Greater Wyrd actually brought to a full elven Vampire, Sylarion.
Progenitor: Sylarion, the elven Vampire, is the firstborn of this line.
Type of Vampire: Elven Vampire.
Powers: Bloodlust; Vampiric Rage; Sunlight Resistance; Innate Magic (Enchantment, Alteration & Divination).
Known Members: Sylarion and the Alfheim crusaders.
References: Mystaran Almanac, AC1016.

Alphatian Line

Description: Physically and magically powerful, these vampires enjoy an uncommon frequency of salient abilities. Their command of the elemental forces is strong, and their curse is easily transmitted, through most body fluids.
Creation: This line was created by rogue Alphatian wizards, trying to create a superhuman Alphatian race. Its members mostly reside in Limn and Blackheart.
Progenitor: Unknown.
Type of Vampire: Vampire.
Powers: Innate Magic (Elemental Air, Invocation & Abjuration); Transport; Increased Regeneration; Vampiric Saliva.
Known Members: Many officers of the Limn army.
References: The Complete Mystaran Timeline.


Description: an uncommon breed of marine bloodsuckers, the Velya are rare, and reproduce at a slow rate. However, they can create or control powerful minions, including wights and sharks.
Creation: a forgotten Immortal cursed some surface dwelling people with this affliction. The Velyan line is small, but its members are all rather powerful and ancient. This line is the oldest underwater bloodline, and it is thought that Saasskas was originally a Velyan Vampire.
Progenitor: Unknown.
Type of Vampire: Velya. A secondary form is the Swamp Velya.
Powers: shapechange (shark, manta, water current, human), resist flowing water, charming song, create wights. No normal reproduction (only maledictive or bride).
Known members: Hadric of Colhador.
References: MC Mystara Appendix, Velya; module X7.

Devilfish Line

Description: Like all underwater bloodlines, devilfish vampires have different vulnerabilities and immunities than the common land vampires.
Most vampires of this bloodline are part of the devilfish religious hierarchy, and display powerful priestly magic.
Creation: The devilfish have a bloodline of vampires of their own, which includes all of the elder devilfish. This bloodline was created by Saasskas, the Immortal patroness of the devilfish race, who was a vampire itself, having been infected by blood transfusion by a Velya. A few humans followers of Saasskas from the Rajahstan of Sind have been infected with the disease.
Progenitor: Saasskas is supposed to have been the first devilfish vampire.
Type of Vampire: (Devilfish) Vampire.
Powers: Not destroyed by immersion in water. Shapechange in devilfish form only. Summons devilfish and similar creatures only.
Known Members: None.
References: D&D Master Set; "Saasskas the Destroyer", by Aaron Novak.

Aelian Line

Description: Little is known of these nosferatu, who can easily pass as humans, and don't feed on the citizen of Aelios. However, they all have priestly powers from their goddess Talitha.
Creation: This line has been created by the Immortal Talitha. All of its members are Nosferatu Priests of Talitha. The line is found only among the high clergy of Talitha in Aelios, a Milenian City-State in the Addakian Sound.
Progenitor: Cassandra, first High Priestess of Talitha, was the first of this bloodline.
Type of Vampire: Nosferatu (Priest).
Powers: This bloodline never displays Skin Tone or Bloodlust. Innate Magic (Illusion & Enchantment).
Known Members: Porophylle & the High Clergy of Talitha in Aelios.
References: "The City-State of Aelios", by Alex Benson, in "The DM's Guide to Davania".

Pojaaran Line

Description: This line exists throughout Norwold and in the North-Western Wastelands. It is composed by followers of Thanatos who left the crumpling Taymoran Empire following their leader, Luvarshalla.
They are easily recognised, as their flesh shows a deadly pallor, and the curse of Nyx makes them uglier as they age. Their powerful illusions can cover this marks, anyway.
Creation: Taymoran Nosferatu corrupted by Thanatos were transformed into vampires near modern Kaarjala.
Progenitor: Luvarshalla (known as Lovaara).
Type of Vampire: Vampire.
Powers: Skin Tone, always. Charisma reduced as Witches. Innate Magic (Necromancy, Illusion, Enchantment & Alteration).
Known Members: Lovaara.
References: "Kaarjala, Land of the Saamari", by James Mishler.

Hulean Line

Description: These nosferatu have been created to serve the Master of Hule as assassins and spies. Their strength lies in knowledge and misdirection, and their powers serve them well.
Creation: The Hulean Line derives directly from the Master of Hule's Avatar, a Nosferatu created by the Immortal Loki.
Progenitor: Hosadus.
Type of Vampire: Nosferatu.
Powers: Innate Magic (Divination & Sphere of Chaos).
Known Members: Hosadus and other Hulean Nosferatu.
References: "Hosadus", by James Mishler.

Arachnidaean Line

Description: These unusual vampires are able to take the form of large spiders, much like the aranea. They act as the agents of Arachne Prime in Thothia.
Creation: Created by Arachne Prime, the Night Spider, Planar Spider Immortal.
Progenitor: Queen Aketheti of Thothia.
Type of Vampire: Vampire.
Powers: Spider form, Webspinning, Innate Magic (Spheres: Astral, Sun reversed).
Known Members: Queen Aketheti of Thothia, Ramenhotep X.
References: M5 Talons of the Night.

Minor bloodlines

Creation & Description: These are bloodlines of "natural" vampires. The vampires and nosferatu created when someone dies of the blood drain of a Vampire Bat or Vampire Rose are less powerful than those created by the Immortals or by wizardly magic. They often suffer of the following disadvantages: Skin Tone; Bloodlust; Increased Dietary Requirement.

Ubour Bloodline
Vampire Bat Bloodline
Vampire Rose Bloodline
Juniper Bloodsucker Line

Ubour Line

Creation: This uncommon strand of vampires exists apparently only in the Converted Lands of Hule. Only the Greater Ubour can be considered a vampire.
Progenitor: unknown.
Type of Vampire: Ubour (Greater).
Powers: Electrical spark; Cat form; Summon Cat Ubours.
Known Member: none.
References: "Hulean Correspondence", part 6, by C. Constantin.