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[Gaz7] Vanaheim

by Håvard

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Continuing my series of exploring the Outer Planes known as the Nine Norse Realms of the Immortals, the time has come to explore...


Size: Planet
Sphere: Thought

The Home Plane of Immortals such as Freyj and Freyja, this is a realm of deep forests, high mountains and mighty oceans. The forces of nature are as powerful here as in Jotunheim, but less wild and chaotic. The history of this plane goes back to the Aesir-Vanir War when Odin was on the rise to become a Hierarch of the Sphere of Thought. The War ended with a peace settlement and the peoples of Aasgard and Vanaheim have since lived in peace with oneanother. Many people from Aasgard have moved to Vanaheim since then and vice versa. Vanaheim is also known for its practitioners of magic including prophecy magic so many magic users travel here to learn secrets of Witchcraft. It is speculated that the Wise Women of the Northern Reaches might know secret paths leading to Vanaheim.

This realm is filled with magical creatures of nature. Elves, Treants, Centaurs, Unicorns and others make their home here as do a number of Fey and intelligent animals. Beasts and animals of all sorts roam freely including giant and gargantuan varieties.

Known Vanir according to Marco are:
Nooga (Njord) = Protius (water, fertility, nature)
Erda (Fulla) = Djaea (nature, fertility, plants and animals)
Frey = Frey (fertility, peace, manhood, courage, happiness, ripeness)
Freyja = Freyja (sexuality, fertility, magic, love)
Uller = Silent Hunter (one of the Korrigans) (archery, hunting, snow & skiers, woods)
Aegir = Hymir (sea, prosperity, sailors, abundance, brewing)
Ran = Kallala (sea, death at sea, malice)
Nott = Nyx (night, darkness)
Gullveig = Demogorgon (witchcraft)

Njord's Castle (Ruins): This fortress was once built by Protius, but has since been abandoned. It is located on the coast of the Sea of Ran. What secrets might be left behind here?

Ullensaker - This homestead is home to the servants of Uller, one of the Immortals known as the Korrigans.

Mount Erda - A tall mountain said to be home to witches and Wise Momen.

Several gates lead to the Outer Plane of Alfheim and to the Plane of Feywood.