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The Vaniae Setting

by John Calvin

What would happen if Vaniae was more than just a dying world... what if it is a murdered world! We already have one instance of a planet being destroyed in the Mystaran system (Damoclese), what if that destruction was not actually caused by the Damocletians? Perhaps there is some nefarious world destroying entity that is hopping from one planet in the system to the next. Some powerful force that actually "feeds" on the life energy of planets - eventually leading to their destruction. After having successfully fed on Damoclese, that entity has moved on to Vaniae. Now, like some planetary vampire, it is slowly but surely sucking the life out of M-Mars.

Of course the epic end goal of such a campaign would be to root this entity out and destroy it (or at least drive it off). Such a campaign could possibly (and even very probably) bleed over into immortal level play. Because - after the thing feeds on Vaniae, you know which planet is next!