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Vanya's Rest (Outpost of)

Location: Continent of Davania, eastern coast by Gulf of Mar. DV

Area: 448 sq. mi. (1,160 sq. km.).

Population: 3,250 (does not include around 500 farmers supplementing local rations). Losses are due to conflicts arising late in AC 1017, and relief force sent to Polakatsikes (without equivalent relief from Freiburg).

Languages: Heldannic.

Coinage: Heldannic Standard: groschen (5 gp), gelder (gp), erzer (ep), markschen (sp), fenneg (cp).

Taxes: None.

Government Type: Military dictatorship, member of the Heldannic Empire.

Industries: War, some agriculture (mainly grains and vegetables).

Important Figures: Thomas von Wettingen (Castellan).

Flora and Fauna: The vegetation found around Vanya's Rest is typical of that in a damp coastal region. Along the cliffs there are numerous forms of mosses and hardy grasses, while further inland the grasses tend to predominate, with the occasional gnarled bush breaking the undulating fields. No trees can grow here-the winds would likely blow them over near the coast, and the soils are too poor to nourish them further inland.

The animals found here are just as hardy as the plant life. Gulls and other sea birds nest among the cliffs, managing to feed themselves by catching fish in the gulf. Also present in the cliffs are various rodents who feed off of the eggs of the various birds. Further inland one can find foxes, groundhogs, numerous kinds of insects, rabbits, and the occasional snake. Some giant spiders are known to inhabit the region, and in the lower levels of the fort it is possible to find giant rats.

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Last Year's Events: Although the fortress of Vanya's Rest is among the grandest feats of engineering you will likely see [our correspondent's own opinion. Ed.], it was, by the smallest of chances, breached but once by the savage Meghaddara. It has been said that, during that fateful raid [in Fyrmont, AC 1017. Ed.], the famed Star of Vanya, among the most sacred artifacts of our illustrious order, was damaged. Let it be known that mortal might cannot triumph against the unlimited power of Vanya.