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The Clan Domain of Varmgard

by Jacob Skytte

Varmgard is located at the central eastern part of Noslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It contains six hexes of forest, and four clear hexes. This is one the richest, most self-sufficient domains of Ostland. The domain grows a lot of crops, and has a vast supply of timber. Since it is home to the Army of Ostland, it needs a lot of wood. To avoid complete destruction of the resources, wood is imported from the domain of Havardholm. Foreigners are allowed to dock in Zeafort, but there are strict regulations for where they're allowed in the town. These regulations apply to all Ostlanders as well unless they're part of the brigades. Clan Varmgard are mostly members of the brigades, so they do little raiding of their own, since the Army of Ostland are mercenaries for hire. The Army has mostly worked for Thyatis, fighting Alphatia.

Head of Domain: Jarl Askold Ubbison rules Varmgard. His great hall of Zeafort is located in the town of Zeafort.

Population: 12000 people live in Varmgard. Of these 4500 are thralls, 4000 are non-warrior freemen, and 3500 are warriors. About 2500 of these are part of the Army of Ostland. 6000 people carry arms and are willing to fight for king and country.


The town of Zeafort is surrounded on three sides by marsh, and on the fourth is the bay and the longships. This town of 7000 is the best-defended community of Ostland. The three fortresses of the brigades of Ostland each have their own annex, small towns in themselves. The great hall of Zeafort lies in the centre of the town, a small fortress of its own. The jarl and his personal band of warriors (200 men) reside here. Meetings of the Army of Ostland are hosted in this great hall, and decisions affecting even empires are made here. King Hord Dark-Eye is a frequent visitor to this great hall.

The Army of Ostland

The three Ostland brigades, the Raven, Wolf and Dragon brigades, comprise the official army of Ostland, an elite division of troops that is also sometimes known as the Hammer of Thor. Using the War Machine, each brigade has the following stats:

BR: 102 Personnel: 882 Troop Class: Good

Commander: War Captain (F9, Cha+1) Deputy Commander: Captain (F8)

Heroes: 6 F15, 6 C8

Regiments 1-7: Each has 120 elite light infantry (F3), leather armour, shield, normal sword, and spear; 3 sergeants (F4) and 1 captain (F5); manning two longships.

Ostland can raise many additional troops in case of an invasion, almost 40% of all Ostlanders possess arms and at least 25% have training and experience using them.

Askold Ubbison

Lawful 20th level Fighter (Str 13, Int 15, Wis 15, Dex 12, Con 9, Cha 13, AC 2, hp 65)

Personality Traits: Loyal/Unreliable 17/3, Cautious/Rash 14/6, Generous/Greedy 15/5, Dogmatic/Open-minded 15/5

58 years old, Bald with a white moustache, Blue eyes

Askold Ubbison is the undisputed ruler of Zeafort. He inherited this title from his father Ubbi Iron-Skull. As a child Askold grew up alongside King Hord Dark-Eye in the Court of Cnute. Askold was also considered a candidate for the throne, but is satisfied with the way things turned out. He returned to Zeafort, where he defended his birthright from a treacherous brother, going Holmgang with him in a fight to the death. Askold is a calculating warrior, a tactician rather than a berserker. He has had his share of rages in the years though they've grown fewer, as he grew older.

It is Askold who coordinates the war efforts of the Army of Ostland, unless King Hord takes a particular interest in the current matter. He rarely takes personal charge of battles any more, though. Having known Hord Dark-Eye since childhood, Askold is fiercely loyal to his king, and strikes down on any dissenters.

In battle Askold wears a chain mail+3 called "Gyldenkæde" (Golden Chain) and wields a large battle axe+4; extinguishing called "Flammekvæler" (Flame Quencher), that once saved his longship from sinking during a fire.

Askold is married to Freydis the Pious, and has two sons: Gunnbjorn Askoldson (23), who rules Aland in his father's name, and Hord Askoldson (20).

Freydis (Lawful F9; Peaceful/Violent 7/13, Reverent/Godless 17/3, Loyal/Unreliable 16/4) was a warrior maiden in the Court of Cnute that Askold courted and eventually married. Freydis has seen her share of battles, even after becoming a mother. Her reverence of the Aesir is legendary among the clan, and she often discusses theology with the godar of Zeafort.

Hord (Lawful C4 of Thor; Peaceful/Violent 6/14, Courageous/Fearful 15/5, Reverent/Godless 16/4) was inspired by his mother to enter the Cult of Thor. He is still in training, but hopes to enter the brigades when allowed to.