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Okay I am looking at creating a Master Vampire or a Lord of Vampires if you will, using the rules from WoTI.

Looking at the RC we see that the states for Vampires have them as either 7HD or 9HD. Since it is not mentioned anywhere, a DM must assume that 7HD are lackey Vampires, while the 9Hd must be a Dracula type or a Master Vampire.

But then the movies and comics tend to show particular Vampires who are so powerful and ancient that the mere mention of their names make the most powerful Dracula like vampire cringe. An example would be Varnae from Marvel Comics.

Under WoTI rules all Monster Rulers are considered Exalted Beings and are given gargantuan stats among other things.

That is to say a Vampire Ruler, or Varnae would have these stats:

Varnae, Ruler of Vampires

by MPA

Sphere: Entropy
Status: Exalted
Power Points: 300
Anti-Magic: 50%
Armor Class: -4
Hit Dice: 56**** (L)
Move: 240' (80')
Flying: 360' (120')
Attacks: 2 touch or special
Damage: 4d10 + triple energy drain
or special
No. Appearing: 1
Save As: IM1
Morale: 12
Treasure Type: 4xF
Intelligence: 20
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: by Calculation

As an Exalted being this Vampire Lord gets to borrow powers from the Immortal class: All mortal victims automatically saves at -2 on their saving throws. The Energy Drain is classified as Leech Power in WoTI. Varnae, by his nature, also can't be turned, affected by religious objects, garlic or any other traditional methods of harming/killing vampires. Holy water IS still effective. Unlike his minions, reducing Varnae to 0 hit points will indeed kill him. However, Varnae has not lived this many millennium to fight an unbeatable foe to the death. He will leave the battle once he falls to 25% of his maximum HP. While Varnae's lair is on the Prime Plane, he is normally in slumber only to rise when awakened by his worshippers (both mortal and vampire), who conduct the proper rites and sacrifices. Getting to his lair is no easy feat, as it is protected not only by a small army of undead but his slumber hall is protected by many layers of Ant-magic spells, adamantine and other wards (for example,teleporting or trying to smash directly to his lair is not possible). For all purposes, Varnae's slumber lair is treated as if it were on the Plane of Pyts, in regards to healing/regeneration. If faced against immortals, Varnae will typically flee or attempt to negotiate if cornered. Varnae also possesses the immortal level power Control Dead.