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Variations to WotI

by Jamie Baty

We use WotI and the PWAs largely as written, but their are some things we use an alternative explanation for, or look to explore post PWA were there isn't canon material.

Alphatia: Clearly Alphatia has no place in Hollow World, and would be a distinct threat to the experiment, regardless of the Spell of Preservation. Alphatians are likely to not be happy with what has occurred either. IMO, an empire with that many wizards is going to find a way to reverse what happened- particularly if the Alphatian immortals help things along (possibly aided by the Hollow World patrons). We'll probably resurrect Alphatia as part of Eriadna's quest for immortality.

Thyatis Given the long war's drain on the Empire's manpower and resources, it is reasonable to expect Thyatis to consolidate its forces to protect more vital areas. The Hinterlands would likely be abandoned by organised Thyatian military forces for use on the Isle of Dawn and to secure more important imperial areas. Depending on your view of Ochalea and the Pearl islands, the Thyatians might withdraw from there as a strategic move to consolidate military units- very likely if their contributions to the empire are overshadowed by the expense of maintaining forces there and the stretching of military forces required to defend them. This strategic abandonment historically can be referenced when the Western Roman emperor withdrew the last remnants of the legions from Britain and the residents of the province were told to look to their own defence. Under this scenario, I would downplay the "rebellion" aspect.

As far as the Senate goes, it is merely an old boy's club, given some respect out of tradition and maintaining appearances. Thincol would use the events of WotI to marginalise the ever decreasing importance of the Senate- the pretence would drop and what everyone knows (that Thincol runs the ship) would be acknowledged more openly. The end result is Thincol does what he wants, and the Senate can do nothing to stop him.

Heldann I like their rise to prominence, and it makes the north a much more interesting place to set a campaign.

Glantri Definitely should not allow clerics. That was a unique cultural neurosis and it needed to stay.

Alfheim IMO, the Alfheimers should be far more active in regaining the forest, and most importantly should be trying to save it at all costs- even if it means working with the shadow elves. We will likely have a uneasy truce form in order to return the elves to the forest in order to help save it.

As always, DM's always will modify things to best suit their campaign, and WotI happens to provide a good opportunity to do so.