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The Vase of Protection

by John Hare

Here is another item the Leeches would be willing to sell.

The Vase of Protection

When the repeated attacks of ethereal creatures force individuals to seek a means of preventing their appearance and questions are raised about why the Leeches are not attacked the Leeches show the vases. Made of some sort of greenish glass with several blue metal pads imbedded in the sides these vases use lifeforce to establish a ward around the vase to keep out ethereal creatures. The vase however is completely sealed, the only way to inject lifeforce is to use the blue metal pads. The various pads draw different amounts of lifeforce (1hp/2hp&5hp) to allow multiple people to 'donate' lifeforce to the vase in a reasonable amount. However these vases have a safety feature which prevents the last lifeforce from a person to be donated to the vase.

When filled with lifeforce the vase swirls with a milky white fluid, which seems to have its own luminescence, which throbs in tune with a heartbeat unheard by anyone. [Thanks to Geoff] Slowly the lifeforce goes down as it continually keeps up the ward. Should the lifeforce completely empty then the ward drops and the ethereal creatures come in.

The truth of the matter is that the vase doesn't actually use the lifeforce. The vase radiates a version of protection from evil against ethereal creatures (except Leeches who tune the ward). However the trigger to activate the vase is that there must be lifeforce in the vase, otherwise the protection from ethereal creatures doesn't activate. The lifeforce is actually siphoned off by the Leeches at a continual rate through an extradimensional hole at the bottom of the vase. When the time comes for a concentrated attack the leeches open the hole to full width and drain the vase completely of lifeforce. Without any lifeforce the ward goes down and the ethereal creatures invade.

The radius of protection which the vase generates depends on the size paid for. Small vases protect a 20' area around the vase and draws one point of lifeforce each day. Medium vases protect an area of 100' around the vase and draw two points of lifeforce a day. Large vases protect an area of one mile and draw three points of lifeforce a day.

The different sizes cost in relation to the area that they can protect. Small vases will cost approximately 10 hp, medium 50 hp, and large 100 hp. By using the blue metal pads in the towers allows several people to pool their lifeforce to purchase a vase.