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Timeline for Cathos and Vacros

by John Calvin

If my above assumptions were true we could create the beginnings of a timeline:
circa BC 1750 - BC 1720: Refugees of Taymora meet up with a portion of Minoides' migrating minotaurs, and are taken away from their doomed homeland.
circa BC 1700: Minotaurs and Taymorans found the island nations of Cathos and Vacros.
BC 1000: Traldar flee the gnollish invasion of their homeland. Many Traldar Kings pay Vacros merchants large sums of gold and jewels to transport their people across the sea to some safe haven. Over the next several centuries, Vacros rises to become a prominent seagoing mercantile power.
BC 50: With the fall of the Milenian Empire, Vacros drops into a slow decline. The minotaur kings begin to devolve into little more than slavering bestial monsters. To appease them, Vacros merchants begin the practice of taking captives as sacrifices.
circa AC 600: Vacros is destroyed by the Cathos army led by Lady Durnsay.