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The Veiled Society

by George Hrabovsky


The Veiled Society is a Mafia-like organisation that is involved with every major type of crime.

Joining the Veiled Society

These are the criteria for joining:
Must be Traladaran.
Must take an oath of silence (breaking this oath results in the condition Hunted by Veiled Society).
Once you join you can't leave.
You enter the profession Veiled Society Thug.

15% of all personal loot must be given over to the Society. If a member is caught, the Society will intimidate, beat, or kill those who can testify against the member.

The Organisation of the Veiled Society

At the head of the Veiled Society is Anton Radu. His family is the next tier of leadership. Their retainers are next. Then come the thugs.

There are informers and spies everywhere who work for Radu. Some are aware of the Veiled Society, most are not.

Enemies of the Veiled Society

The chief enemies of the Veiled Society are: The Government of Karameikos, particularly the 3rd Guard Battalion (rumoured to be the Queen's Own Guard, and an intelligence gathering unit).
The Kingdom of Thieves, a group of highly trained and flamboyantly led criminals.
The Iron Ring, a well organised and brutal criminal organisation