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by John Hare

Type: Scout, Uhuboote class
Date of Commission: AC 1015
Port of Call: Vanya's Rest

Service Record: The Veraltet is just entering service and is based on the new design which the Berchlesmitzer was the proto-type. Its purpose is as a long range scout against the Myoshimans, mainly to keep an eye on the current civil war, but also to inform the Order if they mount another attack. The Veraltet was to be named the Sturmgeist however after meeting its commanding officer the scribes arranged for the name to be changed to match that of the Captain.

Captain Volkan Veraltet is of Thyatian descent and only joined 8 years ago. His rapid progress is somewhat surprising especially considering that he didn't speak Hattian when he joined. It is from this that he got his name. He wanted a name that would inspire his men and while he had decided on Volkan he wasn't sure about the last name. Asking the scribe for help he indicated he wanted a strong name, like a fighting bird. The scribe gave into a whim and gave him the surname of Veraltet. Of course when he found out he was furious, but decided to keep it out, partly because there had been no other Veraltet and also because his subtle hints about changing it fell on deaf ears. One of the scribes was the one who gave him his original name.

His rapid progression was in part because of his ability, and his devotion to Vanya. The other part is because he has been recruited by the Fist of Hattias and they managed to steer him into getting his own ship, which they have managed to place several other members. Their goal is to eventually convert the entire crew and then the fleet.

In actuality Volkan is a member of the Eyes sent to infiltrate the Fist and clear them out of the fleet. He is also much older than he looks in that before going on this mission he drank a potion of longevity. Also by acting different and changing his hair colour and growing a beard none of his former friends or enemies know him. By acting just barely within the constraints of good behaviour his fellow knights consider him foolish and easily lead. Also because of his name he is the laughing stock of the Order and now the fleet that a ship has his name. It was carefully orchestrated that the same scribe (also a member of the Eyes) was present at both times though the majority of the Order don't know that.

The long voyages are to help seed new crew members to the Fist and clear out undesirables. Volkan's job is to prevent this while making it appear that it is in fact working. Only time will tell.

*note Veraltet roughly translates to 'Popinjay'