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by mister c

I am in the process of creating a map of Verge. It is based on the generic village map in the Mystara DM's kit, and the residents etc are from bits gathered from the Vaults, the Piazza and my campaigns (can't remember which, but thanks if its your material).

Its not finished yet, but the wip is here.

So far the buildings labelled on the map are;
1 Antonicís Manor: Home to lord and lady Antonic and their priest Varis.
1a Sir Retameron Antonic, a knight who holds the village for his lord, the Duke.
1b Lady Halia Antonic, wife of Retameron
1c Varis the White, chaplain to Antonic (and former adventuring companion), also in charge of the Karameikan chapel attatched tothe house.

2Traldar Temple: This building is a finely carved wooden hall in traditional Traldar design. Though small it is well maintained and clearly a centre of village life.
2a Dmitri Magdenov, head of the Verge Temple of Traladara.

3 Reeveís House: This stone built house is the home of the reeve, the closest Verge has to a mayor.
The reeve keeps village records here, though the running of the estate is governed from Sir Antonicís keep.
Extensive cellars provide storage for food and drink, held for the whole village against times of hardship.
3a Alexander, the village reeve, sees to the day to day running of the village and is responsible in Antonicís absence.

4 The Boar's Head: A comfortable hostel. It is a full service establishment, offering hearty meals and strong drink but does not offer anything extravagant. The rooms are somewhat utilitarian yet well maintained. Private rooms are 1r and the common room is 1cr. The inn tends to be full during the winter months as the road between Verge & Threshold is often impassable due to snow.
4a Sebastian Tullus, owner and innkeeper of the Boarís Head

5 Pyotrovaís Store; Most readily stocked items are available here for the standard price, though the bias is towards things required in a farming community. Out of stock goods can be ordered, and cost +10% list price, arriving in three to five days.
5a Zandra Pyotrova, the local representative of the Merchantís Guild. Zandra runs the closest thing the village has to a general store.

6 The Jug and Platter: This halfling run establishment is a bright and cheerful place. Jon tries to get entertainment here as often as possible, and will stand drinks to those willing to perform.
6a Jon Alefast, halfling owner of the Jug and Platter is also the unofficial head of the halflings in the village.

7 Mill
7a Boris, runs the mill for Sir Retameron. A portion of all grain goes to the lord of the manor.

Also to place;

Tannery: Hides are prepared and leather goods produced here. The smell can be pretty bad, but the prevailing wind usually carries it away east from the village.

The Farmerís Rest: A basic inn catering more to local trade (eg travellers from High Verge on market day). Rooms are 5cr each, and a meal goes from 5cu (pot luck) to 2cr.

Ivan Ivonovich (Exp 3), the village smith. Ivan is strong but not too bright. He has a gift for ironwork.

Farm Houses: Each of these buildings houses a farming family, livestock etc.

Cottars; Generally of more humble construction than the farmhouses. These are the residences of Vergeís cottars. Non landowners who provide many of the crafts in the village such as bee keeping, pottery, brewing etc.

I was unsure as to where exactly the Lord and Lady live. Skarda's Mirror features Retammeron's tower but suggests it is situated away rom the village IIRC, thus I went with the fortified stronghold a little way out of the village, and a more comfortable manor house in the village. Anyone out there got any ideas on this?
To give the Antonics a bit more political 'clout', I included a smaller hamlet about four miles to the west, High Verge, and a settelement of goat herders on the road to Threshold in the mountains (Northholt).

Hope this is of some use to some people. I'm sure a lot of the detail is borrowed from others, so I make few claims to origionality.