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by Marco Dalmonte

(Probably absorbed by Skuld)
Level, Alignment, Sphere: Hierarch, N, Time
Symbol: a half-filled hourglass
Portfolio: time flow, time travel, fate, knowledge, balance, preserving life
Followers' alignment: any
Sources: Master & Immortal sets, WotI

Likely History: Urd and Verthandi are the two Norns overseeing Past and Present respectively. Their vanishing is still a mystery, since they were among the most ancient Immortals of the Multiverse, and many Immortals think that only Skuld (the last of the three Norns still living and the one who is granting spells to their clerics) knows the truth behind the facts. Some even speculate that their disappearance is tied to the imminent fate that is awaiting the Multiverse, and that will come to pass once Skuld also fades away.