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The Clan Domain of Vestpont

by Jacob Skytte

Vestpont (West Point) is situated on the westernmost end of Noslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. The domain contains three hexes of hills and three hexes of light forest. The forest supplies sufficient wood for longships and housings. The domain is fairly isolated by hills and most relations with neighbours are from the sea. Foreigners are never welcomed here; other Ostlanders will be given courtesy and respect, but all others are fair game. The Vestpont Clan traditionally raids the north (Heldann and Norwold), but occasionally raids to Soderfjord or Ylaruam are staged.

Head of Domain: The Head of Clan Vestpont is jarl Anlaf Geirmundson and he rules from his great hall in Port Swenson.

Population: 6000 people live in the domain of Vestpont. Of these 1000 are thralls, 3500 are non-warrior freemen and 1500 are warriors. Should conflicts arise nearly 3000 will arm themselves and fight for their freedom or lives.


With a population of 2000 Port Swenson is among the five largest communities in Ostland. It is primarily a fishing town though surrounded by small farming communities. The town is located by Trollebugt (Troll Bay), named after a major battle where the last of the local hill trolls were driven into the bay by berserker warriors of Thor. The bay is sheltered from the worst of the elements on the west and north by forest and on the east by hills.

Berserkers of Thor

The warriors and godar who are closely associated with Thor sometimes enter a berserker state for brief periods of time. During this state, which lasts 10 rounds, the character receives one extra attack per round. When the berserker state ends, the character is exhausted for 3 turns. During this time he receives a -2 penalty to AC and cannot benefit from a shield bonus to AC. His movement rate is also cut in half. The berserker state may be extended, delaying the effects of exhaustion, but for every 10 rounds the character remains berserk, there will be 3 turns of exhaustion afterwards. Going berserk may be done with clerical magic (a 2nd level spell called Berserk) or by eating certain poisonous mushrooms. Extended use of the mushrooms eventually leads to failing health (no hard rules, but the character should lose a point of Constitution every 1d3 years of regularly taking the mushroom in addition to any Constitution lost through aging).


"Trollebløder" (Troll Bleeder), a sword+3 was carried by Geirmund Trollsbane into Trollebugt during the battle of Trollebugt. The sword has been enchanted by a godi with a Continual Light spell and can be seen at night at the bottom of the bay (some 20 feet down). Anlaf has declared that no one is to retrieve it, because it is a symbol of his father's reverence for the Aesir. The last person who tried to steal it was sentenced to death by drowning by an enraged Anlaf.

Anlaf Geirmundson

Lawful 14th level Fighter (Str 16, Int 10, Wis 8, Dex 9, Con 8, Cha 16, AC 5, hp 41)

Personality Traits: Honest/Deceitful 14/6, Dogmatic/Open-minded 12/8, Peaceful/Violent 6/14, Courageous/Fearful 15/5, Reverent/Godless 13/7

46 years old, Brown (greying) hair and beard, Blue eyes

Anlaf is the only son of Geirmund Trollsbane, a renowned berserker warrior who drowned during the battle of Trollebugt when he forced a particularly large troll into the bay, ignoring the fact that he couldn't swim. This was 23 years ago and Anlaf has established his rule firmly (and forcefully) in the years since his ascension to jarl. Though of great strength, Anlaf's health was shattered 15 years ago when he fell victim to the brown plague.

Brown Plague

A terrible illness, which strikes so suddenly, and rapidly that treatment can rarely be obtained in time to prevent serious reduction of overall health. The character's Constitution score is reduced by 1d6 points.

His honesty and courage have kept Anlaf popular among his house guard however, so no one has challenged his rule in years. Anlaf was raised to believe firmly in the power of Thor and he counts a number of berserker warriors of Thor among his house guard. He reveres his father and speaking ill of him or defiling his memory are some of the few things that can rouse Anlaf's anger. Unfortunately Anlaf is blind to his wife's machinations. In battle Anlaf carries chain mail, a sword+1 called "Hugtand" (Fang) and a spear.

Anlaf is married to Ingrid Elsasdottir (41) and has two children by her: Stein Anlafson (22) and Astrid Ingridsdottir (19). He has also fathered Tosti Anlafson (16) by a thrall he took during a raid on Soderfjord.

Ingrid (Chaotic T3; Cautious/Rash 14/6, Generous/Greedy 6/14, Trusting/Suspicious 8/12) is a scheming woman, whose good looks won her the heart of Anlaf. She is seeking to put her son in a position of power so she can rule through him. She expected Anlaf's failing health to have cost him his life by now and is considering other means to remove him from his position. She has hired her own small force of greedy warriors to enforce her wishes when necessary.

Stein (Chaotic F5; Modest/Proud 3/17, Forgiving/Vengeful 4/16, Energetic/Lazy 13/7) has been sent to the Court of Cnute as requested by King Hord. He is a spoiled brat who expects to be treated as royalty and is currently quite happy forcing his way upwards in the ranks of the Royal Household.

Astrid (Lawful NW; Modest/Proud 17/3, Peaceful/Violent 18/2, Trusting/Suspicious 15/5) has been brought up by her mother to be obedient and make a perfect bride for a political marriage. Though many powerful warriors from within the clan court her, Ingrid always keeps an eye on the girl and makes sure that suitors who are too eager are paid a visit by her personal thugs.

Tosti (Lawful F2; Energetic/Lazy 16/4, Courageous/Fearful 6/14) is trying everything in his power to make his father notice and acknowledge him. He is hindered by his lack of courage and by the fact that Ingrid is doing all she can to promote her own son and dishonour Tosti. Though she could have him killed, she prefers to try to make him fail and ridicule himself in front of his father.