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Mystara Video Game Timeline

by Håvard

In the Hollow World, the Immortal Ka makes Duke Barrik’s Castle reappear. The Castle disappeared from Thunder Rift in the Outer World 800 years earlier. (Warriors of the Eternal Sun)

The Known World is thrown into war (D&D Fantasy Empires)

Strange events occur around Koriszegy Keep in Karameikos. (Order of the Griffon)
Notes: These events follow the adventure Hail of Heroes.

Deimos the Lich begins terrorizing the lands of Darokin from his stronghold Sable Tower in the Brokenlands. The Tower of Doom is eventually destroyed and the Lich is believed defeated. (Tower of Doom)
Notes: These events were incorporated into the AC1014 Mystara Almanac (fan work)

Mindark the Evil begins gathering forces of humanoids in Norwold. (Stronghold)

Synn the Night Dragon begins a quest to summon a powerful Fiend. She is aided by Deimos the Lich, a Napgpa Wizard and a group of renegade Shadowelves. Synn and her allies are eventually defeated by a group of mercenaries working with Prince Malachie (Shadows over Mystara)
Notes: These events are said to occur 2 years after the events from Tower of Doom

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