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Vibrational Creeper

by Giulio N. Caroletti

Armour Class: -6
Hit Dice: 1 hp
Movement: 90 m/ round
Attacks: buzz
Damage: special
No Appearing: 1
Save As: Common Man (F 0)
Morale: 12 (20)
Treasure Type: None
Intelligence: 0
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 50

The Vibrational Creeper is a creature from the Nightmare Dimension, who gains its sustenance from the damage inflicted to creatures through its vibrations. It has the appearance of a brown cigar-like insect, and is able to fly without wings. The Vibrational Creeper is known by this name because it is able to fly with a terrific speed, creating a buzzing sound who produces a sort of vibrations in the brain of all creatures - it doesn't matter whether they are able to hear them or not.

The Vibrational Creeper is nothing more than a big mosquito to Nightmare creatures, but is incredibly dangerous to Prime brains: every dive by one of these Creepers, and the subsequent buzz, need a saving throw against death, or results in the loss of 2 points of intelligence for 1d4 turns; the second time a save at -2 is needed to avoid a permanent loss; the third requires a save at -4, a failing of which means immediate death.

The Creeper's speed and tiny dimension make it really difficult to hit: this is the reasons for his incredibly low armour class value.