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Viledel Island after AD&D adventure N4 Treasure Hunt

by Robin

Part of the 1mile hex map of Karameikos I mapped the border rocks/islands between Karameikos and the 5 shires.

The island of the N4 Treasure Hunt AD&D1 adventure now placed perfectly on Mystara.
I placed it on the unnamed rock south of the Twin Soul Rocks between Karameikos and the Five Shires and east of Muldair Rock(5shires). It is the most southern border defining island/rock between these two nations south of the Blight swamp.

As this island was further never detailed I took the liberty of bringing this nice and simple 0-level adventure into the world of Mystara.
The map is here now defined in Hex scale of each 100 yards.
The island is a perfect fit, although I had changed the original compass orientation 45 degrees clockwise.
Some of the text in the adventure I altered to bring further detail or make it fit in the Mystara Timeline and continuity.

To make the adventure fit perfectly we need to have to resolve some conflicting matters.
1---All text in the module describing locations, exchange these with Karameikan, Five Shires and Ierendi locations. for example Ventris = Minrothad, The Korinn Archipelago = Ierendi. So ully forget the notes on the Korrin archipelago on page 34, and exchange these with Thyatian, Karameikan, 5shires, Ierendi and Minrothad names and descriptions

2---The Pirate Vessel in the beginning of the adventure is replaced with Iron Ring Slavery vessels.

3---The Orcs are Iron Ring allied and have settled on Ierendi, although they have a pirate/plunder lifestyle.They use confiscated small to medium human vessels(galleys preferred), and are afraid of Elven vessels, or those bearing a pirate flag (human competition is too violent). They do buy slaves regularly to be used in their settlements on Ierendi. They actually are direct descendants of the orcs which had occupied the 5shires, and fled when the Hin revolted.The adopted to a seavessel and island living culture. they are in total about 1000. They belong to the Red Wave Orc (Hak-kubra) tribe. and in their agreement with the Black Eagle Barony/Iron Ring they settled on the western part of Vildel Island. Hafkris the halforc mentioned in the module was belonging to this tribe , being the product of an Ierendi woman and a violent Oc. Hafkris relocated to the Black Eagle Barony, out of fear due orc discrimination, yet now is respected as a ships captain. the characters were onboard to be sold to the Red Wave orcs.These orcs dress Ochalan, and Minrothad Pirate Style. They never fish or trade. These orcs arrived on the island30 days ago(they did so several times in the last years but were chased away by the Hurricanes)

4---The goblins are also a sea-going tribe(the Sithisila tribe), these use long outrigger canoes, and originate from the Atruaghin coast. They were there the leading humanoids until the Atruaghin tribe stole (at least that is their tale) outrigger canoes leading them to a rapid declining group. Almost becoming extinct, Gor-Batch-Off, a strong goblin, stole several canoes and left to the seas. The have 7 settlments on small islands in the Sea of Dread, each lead by a direct decendant of this hero(or so they claim) which is respected by all clan members.each settlemet differentiates themselves from the others by waring shell/nut necklaces. Only Leaders ans Shaman/Wicca wear tattoos as these are seen(and maybe are) magical and gifts of their unidentified Immortal.The settlement of the north-eastern part of Vildel Island is the most northern of all 7 settlements of this clan of Long-Nose Goblins.They dress Ierendi Pirate style.These goblins arrived on the island 2 days ago(they did so a few times in the last years but were chased away by the Hurricanes). The goblins are now of Buccaneers and are often hired by others for conducting rapid naval wars in addition preying on the weak.These goblins do fish and whalehunt to add to their diet, hence they are in an average healthier state than most goblins.(con 2d6+6 instead 3d6).

5---Melisana. the merchantprincess is of Minrothad origin, (not Ventris). and as such she also has merchantprince abilities level 1(see Gaz Minrothad Guilds)

6---Viledel. aka the Sea King. Originally named Viledel the seeking. Actually nothing more than a loyal Chaotic Good Traldar lord to his faith (Petra) and his people. Originally an adventurer getting rich and decided to move here about 50 years ago. in 970AC the village was attacked by thyatian pirates in the Thyatian attack on Karameikos. Traldar survivers fled to the main land, all together, after interning the dead (their lord and family, and many others.(the village holds a simple graveyard where almost all the stones reveal the same date). Viledel the seeking, was soon named the Sea King as if he ruled the island like a king, yet he had never a higher title than that of a landed lord.

7---The Goddess. No name is listed, yet the temple is fashioned in the style of the Traldar Immortal Petra. and also bears Holy Symbols of similar design.
Important note; The adventure resolves on the PC's trying to save themselves from destruction caused by an angry god. On Mystara this is not done by Immortals of good or neutral alignment. The Goddess as the NPC Keestake names here, does not identify herself when appearing. she is angry, yet unknown to the PC's she knows she has no influence on the natural magical effects of elemental power; the upcoming hurricanes. she can however supress these for some time, to allow her followers to escape. Unknown also to the PC's, the island is not destroyed. the dust, and storm, just blew them to a corner looking to the bare island regions. The goblins and orcs, never warned, try to survive and escape with their vessels. about 10% will succeed, leave for several months until the storms have dissapeared. and the conflict of both tribes desiring to own the island starts anew. As this is a natural magical elemental effect, it is not conflicting to the Prime Rule of the Immortals; No direct conflict with Mortals. The island is thus never scoured clean.the gray-white the PC's see is the dustsettling again. ignore the sentence that the hills can't remembered or that the island is smooth. instead display the dust settles and the island seems to be swallowed by it, while the sky slowly clears again.This effect will end in 1752AC when the Radiance finally explodes.

The hurricanes are actually vortices to the Plane of Air. These gates are only in effect when fully charged with moisture,air, and energy, and release their power within 24 hours when opened. This opening happens every 6 months, giving the island the nickname of Hurricane Island. Sailors rarely dare to go there as the rumor speaks of the island being home to an angry god (this is spread by surviving NPC's and humanoids) and of course the visual appearance of several hurricanes on the island..
This effect was spawned in 895AC when the first Day of Dread was activated, and as such is an side effect of the Planet to resist the power of the radiance.
The pink stars on the map are the locations of the hurricanes vortices. They all open at the same time as described above.

X6-TSR9081-D&D-Mystara-Quagmire! wrote:The effects of a hurricane are the same as the effects of a gale, except that extremely heavy rains accompany hurricanes. These rains are likely to flood ships. Even if a ship survives the effects of the high winds, there is a chance that it sinks from being filled with rainwater.
A galley has a 40 % chance of flooding and sinking. A sailing ship has a 20% chance of flooding and sinking. Characters may decrease the chance of sinking by throwing cargo overboard. If characters throw all of their cargo overboard in such a situation, the chances of sinking are reduced to 20% for
galleys, and 10% for sailing ships. If the characters find themselves knee deep in water, you may tell the players that throwing cargo overboard increases the charactersí chances of staying afloat.Persons suffer 1d20 points of wind damage;tents or shelters flattened; anything not fastened blows away. Flash flood washes all light, unattached items away, and causes heavy items to sink out of sight

Readjusted Island description making it fit with Mystara; The island is very, very hilly; it's really just part of the rock spires of the former Taymoran Emoure, and here a large rock has pushed its way above the waves of the ocean. Looking across the island, the characters can see that the highest and most forbidding hills are Southward, running the entire length of the island from East to West. Northward is broken terrain, passable but not easy going, while westward the terrain seems to flatten out a little bit. However, since it's still hilly and broken even in that direction, the characters can?'t see any sign of shelter or a human community in any direction. There's not much green to be seen. Except for some common, practically indestructible scrub growth, seagulls, the almost dry grass and some coastal Evergreen, the island seems to be totally lifeless.
The prevailing winds for this storm are out of the west. This is storm season, and most storms blow in out of the west. The PC's with a sailing skill might thus(on a succesful skill check) come to the conclusion if a port exists on this island, it's likely to be on the slightly-more-sheltered Northern or southern coast.

I also readjusted the map slightly to enter the desriptions of the island, and its vegetation, erosion, seasonal (after hurricane creeks), hills and added the normal and Mystara normal Wildlife befitting this location.

---Onions, weed, herbs, berries, sealettuce, shellfish, fish, wild goats, sea birds, mice, rats, giant rats, bats, Air Fundamentals, A single large Roc (on the southwest of the Dusty Hills), Merrow wanderers in the south and in the Undepth of the Tyrant region, an Eye of the Deep in the Undepth of the Tyrant region, fish and whales around the island, as well as several medium sized sharks(Mako & Bull).
---Orcs, Goblins, and the rare human slaves/escapees
---Skeletons & Zombies in tomb and sunken vessels, individual Ghouls and wights on temple hill & Ruin Hill,
Why is the island not settled anymore? this is due the Thyatian attack removing the last settlers, and the increasing Hurricanes. Superstitious as most people are, the combined all the information together making the island cursed and taboo. only those too ignorant, unknown and those too chaotic (towards evil) would come here. and even these suffer the consequences on a regularly basis. The only logical reason to come here for sane and good persons is the old observatory where notes can be found revealing tying the hurricanes together with the first day of dread, and hence could be a lead to further discoveries regarding the Radiance.

The adventure is fun on itself, now the island has a more living Mystara base DM's could use to their benefits.
I hope this map will help you having Fun Playing