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by Harri Mäki

There were three leaders amongst the Ethengarians, who agreed to help the rebels against Halzunthram. First amongst them was Gegen Khan, a warrior and a leader of the Ethengarians. He had two wizard assistants: Tulai Virayana and Babajun Tsembu. Gegen was leader until his death in 825. Tulai had died already in 823, so leader after 825 was Babajun, because Gegen's son Bogdo revered the old wizard. After capture of Halzunthram in 828 it was however Tulai's son Birkai, who represented Ethengarians first in the negotiations and then in Council. Babajun was too ill after war years and wanted to rest.

Tulai Virayana b.752 d.823
Tulai was cruel and deceitful, but munificent, hardy, courageous, intelligent and sensitive. He loved gardening and was a bibliophile. He wrote his memoirs and poetry.

Birkai Virayana b.778 d. 835
Treasurer 828-835
He was scholarly, favoured sciences, generous and merciful, but weak, unstable and inadequate.
He created unitary monetary and taxation systems for Highlands.
Birkai Virayana, the Ethengarian leader, was staring at him with his narrow black pupils who showed up against his yellow iris. Despite his eyes suggested lizard's features they glittered of a superior intelligence, making him more prone to a comparison to a dragon instead.
He didn't love too many words and when he spoke others had to spend some time thinking of what was beyond his words.

Toktai Virayana b.811 d.896
Treasurer 836-845
Supreme Judge 845-896
He was only son of Birkai.
He was brave to the point of folly, especially when hunting. He liked also hawking. He was headstrong.
He collected books and maintained department of court painters in Singhabad.
He began toleration of other people than Ethengarians in Krondahar. He led Krondahar for the best of his people and was tolerant and gentle.
Died without illusions and disappointed to behaviour of all of his sons.

Momai Virayana b.860 d.950
Viceroy of Ylourgne 896-920
Grand master 920-950
Oldest son of Toktai.
He was talented, uncontrolled and lusty. He was good natured when things went like he wanted, but otherwise cruel tyrant. Scholar who wrote his memoirs. Extremely intelligent, but addicted to drink in his later years.
He murdered his father's councillor Fazl Sekh in 893.
Real rulers of Krondahar were his primary wife Nurmakul and her brother Asaf Sur.

Jherek Virayana III b.910 d.989
Viceroy of Ylourgne 950-973
Grand Master 973-989
He was gentle ruler.
His wife was San-Jai Mahka, daughter of Asaf Sur.
He spent his days in lavish and exquisite court life.
During his times began weakening of toleration of other races in Krondahar's administration.
He fell to his death while climbing the treacherous "Naked Mountain" (a 1400-foot sheer cliff wall that not even snow clings to) in search of the elusive "snowtree" (a fabled crystalline plant which only grows high in the Colossus Mounts, and which has the consternating habit of melting before it can be brought down to the lowlands for study).
He was a strong-willed Prince who refused to be careful, refused to grow old gracefully, and refused to assimilate with the rest of Glantrian culture, which made him a very interesting Grand Master.
His four sons began power struggle in 984, when it began clear that Jherek's sanity began to deteriorate.