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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Visalios was born in Phos 29 cycles ago. He was the son of two slaves and lived in that sad condition for 17 cycles. At that time, he and his parents were freed when their "master" passed on. Visalios, having believed he was destined for a life of slavery, did not adjust well to his new-found freedom. Having no marketable skills, he descended into the world of petty crime and lived for two years as a thief. One day, though, he happened to be in the central plaza of the town, and heard the preachings of a Tarastian cleric. He was moved by the conviction and holiness of the priest, and underwent a complete transition. Finding meaning to his life, he apprenticed himself to the Church of Tarastia in Phos, turning his back on his felonious past. He did not have the inner spark needed to become a priest, but did become a devout follower of the ways of the just immortal. At age 26, after 7 years of service he volunteered as an emissary to the Jennite tribes, in an attempt to develop bonds between the Tarastian followers of the two cultures.

Personality: Visalios is a quiet man, his silence a blend of regret for past sins and the stealth and observation skills he learned as a thief. Witnessing the release of his family from captivity, as well as by his own transformation, his eyes have been opened so that he can see that everyone has redeeming qualities and can wind up seeing the light. This leads him to a less harsh code of justice than some Tarastians, instead supporting rehabilitative notions. Such views come from a contemplative outlook, not a sympathetic one - much of his innate human sensitivity was worn away by his years of slavery, theft and impartial study of law.

Appearance: Wearing Milenian clothing helps Visalios stand out among the ranks of the Jennite horsefolk. At 5'4" and 110#, he is quite unimposing, an impression furthered by the lack of evident armaments. Neatness is not a virtue in his world, so his appearance tends to be dirty and dishevelled a good chunk of the time.

Combat Notes: He is a 1st-level rake. AC 8 (Leather, Dexterity Penalty); hp 3; at 1; d 1-4-1 (concealed dagger, strength penalty); save T1; ML 9; Al L; S 8, I 9, W 11, D 6, Co 13, Ch 8. Languages: Neathar, Milenian, Jennite, Lawful. General Skills: Mysticism (W), Stealth (City) (D), Codes of Law and Justice (W), one unused.

DMing Notes: Visalios can help Jennite PCs get a better grasp of Milenian culture or can serve as the lead-in to Milenia for PCs first travelling through the Jennite Plains. On the other hand, strongly anti-Milenian residents of the plains could plot against him, necessitating protection.

He is willing to come to the defence of those criminals who show remorse for their misdeeds and can help defend PCs either falsely or properly accused - or their enemies. This compassion has led to some anger from more punitive Tarastians, and the disagreements could erupt into conflict while the PCs are present. Milenian PCs heading east, especially those affiliated with the church of Tarastia, will gain the aide of Visalios, unless they seek to harm the Jennites or perpetrate some unjust deeds.

Former victims of Visalios' theft may hunt him down, again necessitating protection. Also, upon returning home, he could lend a hand on behalf of the Kleonites, bringing a tribe of slavery-hating Jennites with him.