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Visual Timeline

by Glen Sprigg

Okay, this is just the starting point of my Visual Timeline project. It was based off three main sources: Daniel Boese's Mystara timeline, Michael Diehm's Comprehensive Timeline of Mystara, and the Codex Immortalis (which I'm not quite finished with yet). It's available here on my Google Drive. It's not done yet; this is just official products so far: Boxed sets, gazetteers, modules, novels, etc. I'm going to add the remaining Immortals from the Codex, then I'm going to start including fan material that I consider semi-official (GAZ F series, Threshold magazine, etc.).

Any entry in italics is an approximation, a 'best-guess' based on whatever clues or data I had available to me, especially the information about the mortal lives of the Immortals. Oh, and there's one Piazza-based Easter egg in there so far, because it seemed appropriate to me. The timeline ends with 1000 AC, because not everyone likes the Wrath timeline, and the timeline switches from years to days post-WotI anyway.

Let me know what you think and if there are any egregious mistakes that need to be corrected. I'll update the file as I add more to it.

UPDATE: Codex Immortalis is completed; all remaining Immortals are included on the timeline.

NEW UPDATE: More stuff has been added; see my last post in the thread for what's been included. Or, go take a look at the file and see for yourself.

SON OF UPDATE: Threshold magazines 1-10 have been included, as well as some changes to the structure of the timeline. Enjoy!

RETURN OF THE UPDATE: Threshold magazines 11-19 have been added. Lots of timeline information, especially on Western and Central Brun, as well as the 'Other' column with all the outer-space and other-planar articles. Good stuff!