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The Vision of Truth and Light

by Gordon McCormick

The Orclands are a dangerous place. Even the humanoids who make it their home realise this. Sandwiched between the mountains of the dwarves and the Canolbarth Forest this is no place near the fat lands of poorly defended humanity. The humanoids of the Orclands live a precarious existence in hostile territory.

Several years ago a gnoll by the name of Vithra witnessed a fight between the humans of Fort Hobart and the goblins of the Cracked Tooth tribe. As the battle raged on Vithra saw a bright light appearing in the middle of the goblins village. Ignoring the fighting she walked towards the mysterious glow becoming oblivious to the clash of sword and spear.

Some of the soldiers tried to kill the gnoll as she walked through the fighting but each time they tried to kill her they failed. Swords would fall out of soldiers hands, the mud would become too slippy to hold a legionnaire upright. In the end the Darokinians were defeated and Vithra had her vision of Truth and Light.

Now a cleric of Ixion, she spreads the word throughout the Orclands. She has a base near the Dwarven tunnel where she lives in her cave surrounded by many acolytes. Many humanoids consider her cave to lead to the Underworld and treat her shaman who wander the lands as holy and sacred.

Others are not so tolerant of this new way. The teachings of Vithra are all based around praise for the Sun and it's glorious bounty. Sacrifices are made to Llogwyth (as they call Ixion) and raids are conducted in his name. The clerics of Karaash are none too impressed about this new religion and a holy war is brewing in the Orclands.