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Fount of Vitality - Relic of the Shiye

by Andrew Theisen

Every elvish clan in the kingdom of Shiye-Lawr has a special grove at its heart that houses its clan relic, the Fount of Vitality. The Fount is a large magical pool that is continually refreshing itself and functions in all ways like a Decanter of Endless Water. Often times artificial streams are built leading from the Fount to other areas of the clanhold, providing running water for the clan.

In addition to its standard relic powers, the Fount may be used to create the rare Dew of Flora and the elvish Greenship.

The dew of flora is the by-product of condensation from the Fount that collects on specially prepared flower beds that surround it. The petals of these flowers are cultivated and preserved through a process known only to the Fountkeepers.

After allowing the petals to absorb the condensation for a month, they are then ground up, mixed with water from the Fount, and distilled into the dew of flora. The process is slow, and can yield only one ounce per year.

The dew of flora can be applied to inanimate objects, providing them with the ability to move through vegetation as easily as through air. Most often, the collected dew is applied to specially prepared elven ships to create the Shiye Greenship- which can move at the same rate as a small sailing ship as long as it is in contact with vegetation. It takes 100 ounces of dew to create each Greenship; each Greenship can carry up to 10 elves.