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The Clan Domain of Vithesford

by Jacob Skytte

Vithesford lies at the extreme northeast of Noslo Island and of the Kingdom of Ostland. It is comprised of one hex of forest, two mountain hexes, and five hexes of hills. The forested part of the domain is separated from the main part by the inhospitable mountain range "Gråbjerge" (Grey Mountains). This means that most of the wood for longships and houses is imported. Foreigners would have no reason to visit Vithesford and would probably be taken as thralls if they did. Ostlanders from other domains are welcome but rare guests. Clan Vithesford raids the richest countries of the Known World, particularly Minrothad and parts of the Thyatian and Alphatian Empires.

Head of Domain: Jarl Ragnar Solmundson rules Vithesford. His great hall is called Storm Bay.

Population: 2200 people live in the domain of Vithesford. Of these 500 are thralls, 1100 are non-warrior freemen, and 600 are warriors. 1300 people carry arms and will fight if their lands or lives are in danger.


Built a little up ways of the bay of the same name, the village and great hall of Storm Bay lies partially protected from the elements. The domain of Vithesford is mostly inhospitable land, and is comprised of small fishing villages. Storm Bay is a fishing village as well, though larger than the norm. During the harsh winters, Storm Bay seems a cosy little village where everybody huddles together for comfort and warmth.


A small village of 300 people, this is the most hospitable part of the domain. Built in the woods south of Gråbjerge this community is largely protected from the harsh climate of Noslo Island. The jarl would gladly live here if only there was access to water. Some 100 warriors live here to defend the area from ambitious neighbours.


The Grey Mountains are home to a branch of the Modrigswerg, the Dark Dwarves or Rotten Dwarves. This community also stretches into the neighbouring domain of Thorholm. These Modrigswerg have guarded dealings with jarl Ragnar Solmundson, trading some of their lesser works for extravagant prices. The Modrigswerg don't have ties to any other Ostlanders, and most people keep well clear of areas that the Modrigswerg are known to frequent. The Dark Dwarves are said to have a king, though they are known for isolating themselves for extended periods of time. They are considered highly erratic and slightly insane. Only desperate men and fools seek them out, for while they are said to be able to solve almost any problem, dealing with them tends to end with death and disaster.

Ragnar Solmundson

Neutral 13th level Fighter (Str 15, Int 10, Wis 7, Dex 12, Con 12, Cha 14, AC 5 or 0, hp 50)

Personality Traits: Reverent/Godless 13/7, Forgiving/Vengeful 14/6, Honest/Deceitful 13/7, Trusting/Suspicious 16/4

52 years old, White hair, Very pale blue eyes

In his youth Ragnar was a mighty warrior and pirate and led several raids to all manner of far and foreign countries. Now he has grown old and weary. He is, however, obsessed with the idea that he might somehow, some way regain the vigour of his lost youth. He believes (perhaps rightly so) that the Modrigswerg dwarves can create some wonderful artifact that will do just that. He therefore has contacted the Dark Dwarves and they have agreed to give it their best shot...for a price of course. Invigorated with these prospects Ragnar has once again taken to raiding those far and foreign countries to come up with some prize that the Dark Dwarves covet. So far he has been largely unsuccessful, but has managed to trade for some lesser Modrigswerg artifacts.

In battle Ragnar wears a chain mail called Blood Mail fashioned from some mystical blood red metal and wields a wicked looking dark halberd called "Halshugger" (Beheader). Ragnar is aware of the type of enchantments (that he must drench the chain mail in blood and that he must kill a creature with Halshugger once a week).

Blood Mail

Legends tell of the mystical Blood Mail, chain mail fashioned from a blood red metal. It is said that the Modrigswerg have created only 6 of these: 2 human-sized, 2 dwarf-sized, and 2 giant-sized (giant probably being either fire or frost giants). Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, the Modrigswerg aren't telling.

The creation of Blood Mail is a closely guarded secret. The "metal" used to forge them is actually the blood of a huge creature composed of the elements of Earth and Fire. This blood is liquid only at temperatures of several thousand degrees, so creating the armour is very dangerous and requires powerful magics.

The colour of the Blood Mail slowly fades over time, but returns when it is drenched in blood. If left without blood for a month, it becomes a dull red, like old stains of blood. If left bloodless for over a year, it seems brownish as if dirty, but no amount of scrubbing will clean it.

Blood Mail functions as a normal chain mail unless drenched in blood, then it functions as a chain mail+5 for an amount of time dependent on the intelligence of the creature whose blood is used.






1d6 turns


4d6 turns


2d6 turns


5d6 turns


3d6 turns


6d6 turns


This halberd is fashioned by some metallic alloy that is dark and unreflective. The entire halberd (shaft and head) is fashioned from this metal, yet it is surprisingly light (120 cns/12 lbs.). The shaft of the halberd is engraved with runes (none of them Power Runes, though), perhaps the cause of its magical nature.

Used in combat it is a halberd+3; +6 vs. weapon-using creatures that loses all bonuses if it has not been used to kill a weapon-using opponent within the last 48 hours. For each additional 24 hours the halberd has not killed it gains an additional -1; -2 vs. weapon-using creatures. If it ever goes without killing a weapon-using creature for more than a week (including the original 48 hours) it will gain limited sentience and mobility (levitation) and attempt to kill its owner (or whoever is closest to it at the time) to restore its bonuses. During sentience Halshugger has THAC0 5 and does 1d8+10 damage (attacking as a Master level wielder using the D&D Weapon Mastery rules) ignoring its penalties.

Ragnar might have been content with his adventures had he only sired a son. But (through no fault of his own of course!) he has never had a child. It seems the will of the Gods. This has not really concerned him for the last five years or so, but now his neighbour jarl Geirstein Thorgelson has offered one of his daughters, a sweet thing of only 18 years to him in betrothal. This has rekindled some of the old dreams. Little does he realise what a calculating and scheming creature this Oda Elsasdottir actually is.

Ragnar is also the ruler of the domain of Thorholm though he leaves the actual ruling to Katla Thorunnsdottir, daughter of the former jarl Thorunn the Loud, whom he killed during an attempted raid on Storm Bay. Ragnar's reasons for putting the daughter of his former rival in charge are unclear, though the guilt of having killed her entire family during his retaliation might have something to do with it.